Thesis Topics Archive


Protecting the Lawful, Combatting the Lawless: Racialized Police Violence and the 1967 Newark Uprising

TRUSTING TREATMENT? An Examination of Race-Based Medicine in the Context of Healthcare Inequities

Vote Here?: Immigrants to the United States and the Civic Duty to Vote

A Defiant Emergence: The Reappropriation of Hip Hop Music by Queer Artists of Color

Little Screen, Big Influence: An Experimental Analysis of Dramatic and Comedic Fictional Political Television Shows’ Impact on Viewers’ Political Opinions

Princeton’s Hidden Minority: Understanding and Supporting First-Generation and Low-Income Students at Princeton University

Remedying Inconsistencies: An Exploration of the Anti-Suffrage Movement and the Accomplished Female Characters Within It

In the Shadow of the Stars and Stripes: An Experimental Analysis on Manufacturing Support for Puerto Rican Statehood

An Assessment of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative

How to Expand Labor’s Toolbox: Alternative Forms of Organizing in the Modern Economy

A God By Any Other Name: Synthesizing Nondiscrimination and the Substantive Liberty Interpretations of the Free Exercise Clause

“No One Pays Very Much Attention to a Perfect Lady:” The Labors and Legacy of Lady Nancy Astor, MP

Tides of Change: How Sandbars and Shipwrecks Along the Coast of Corolla, North Carolina Reformed the United States Life-Saving Service

A Woman’s Place is in The House (and The Senate): A Critical Analysis of International Electoral Gender Quotas as a Model for the United States

Performing Between the Lines: AfroAsian Encounters Between Japanese American and African American Performers

On the (Un)translatability of the Visual: Migrant Subjectivities in Travel, Expatriate, and Immigrant Graphic Narratives 

The Mouse and the Wizard: A Comparison of Disney and Universal Online Theme Park Fan Communities

The Politics of Medicaid Expansion: A Comparison of the Policy Debates in Arizona and Texas

“A Redeemed City”: The Politics, Plans, and Progress of Washington, D.C.’s Architecture and Urban Planning from 1790-1910

“The Way He Makes Me”: Authority and Negotiations of Womanhood in Contemporary Film

“Operating in a Minefield”: The Role of Street-Level Bureaucrats in New York City School Discipline


Into the Woods: American Narratives and the Appalachian Trail

For Women Only: How Collegiate Social Settings Affect Political Engagement for Women

Plato on Punishment and Vice: A Modern Analysis of Ancient Dialogues Concerning the Practice of Punishment

Social Judgments: Beyond Stigma by Association

The Coming Vanguard: A Critical Perspective n Sayyid Qutb’s Theory of Jāhiliyya

NATO-Russia Relations Unleashed: Cooperation Through Compartmentalization

Broadening Diversity on the Bench: Voting Behavior and Panel Effects on the United States Court of Appeals

The Expat and the Negro Boy: A Comparative Study of Character Development in the Works of Hemingway and Hughes

Reimagining Racial Passing through Colson Whitehead’s The Intuitionist and Helen Oyeyemi’sBoy, Snow, Bird

The Quest for Qualifications:  Presidential Short Lists and the Dynamics of Selecting Supreme Court Justices, 1930-2005

Developing a large-scale suppression screen for rescue of the prm1∆ mating defect inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Early to Rise? The Influence of School Start Times on Adolescent Student Achievement in the Clark County School District, Nevada

Preaching to the Masses: A Practice in Politicking

Happiness and Compliments: How Altruism, Human Interaction, and Feedback Influence Our Moods

Policy vs. Practice: An Assessment of Federal Recommendations for Pregnant and Parenting Teen Programs in Schools

Philip Roth and the Myth of Inviolabiity: Understanding American Identity through Case Studies of Narrative Theory

Twenty Years After the Dayton Accords: Ethnic Diversity, Institutional Fixes, and Local Public Goods Provision in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“The Food Program is Fundamental to the Welfare of the Race”: The New England Kitchen, Women, and Food Science, 1890-1894

The Drama of the American Empire and the Art of Vertigo in Herman Melville’s Typee

Myopic Justice: A Brief Intellectual History of Colorblind Law


The American Legal Practice of Thomas Addis Emmett, 1804-1827

A Return to Terroir: The Evolving American Wine Industry

Evaluating Racial Equality in Private America: The African American Golfing Experience in the 20th Century

Melos in Drama: Exploring the Musical Mind Through Melodrama in Wagner, Brecht, and Sirk

Spending Without Saying: Substantive Representation and President Obama's First Term Anti-Poverty Record

Chanting Down Babylon, Race and Reggae in the Post-War Era

Bureaucratic Control of the U.S. Attorney's Office: An Analysis of Criminal Prosecutions under George W. Bush

Practicing to Succeed: The Effects of the Duration and Intensity of Sports Participation on the Development of Intellectual Resilience

Where is the Soul of a Jackalope? Animism in Taxidermic Practice

Home Improvement: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Parental Involvement on Children's Academic Outcomes

Reassuring Memory: History and Nation-Building at Gilded Age and Progressive Era American World's Fairs

Girls in Transition: The Emerging Role of the Female Heroine in Best-Selling Young Adult Novels in the United States from 2003-2013

Hashtags and Headlines: The Evolving Narrative Forms of Journalism in the Digital Age

Constructing Freaks, Families, and Beauty Queens: The Public Display of the Female Body

A Poor Workman Blames His Tools: Why the System Is Not Broken and How Congress is Responsible for the Imperial Presidency

Using U-PB Geochronology to Constrain the Formation of a New Jersey Nelsonite

Between Mold and Molt: Aesthetics and the Matter of Race

A Union at Risk: Competition, Change, and the Political Influence Processes of New York's Teachers Unions

Beyond Escapism: Rehearsing Reality and Therapy in Children's Fantasy Literature - L. Frank Baum's Oz Series and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series

The Role of For-Profit Ventures in Economic Development: A Case Study of Textile Artisans in the Global Apparel Industry

Just Words? An experimental analysis of presidential rhetoric's impact on African-American opinion

The Power of Perception: Examining the National Rifle Organization's Evolution from Shooting Club to Dominant Political Lobby

"Females But Not Followers": Perceptions of femininity, the Self-Concept, and Leadership Ability in Adolescent Females

Job Accessibility, Affordability, and Federal Housing Assistance

The Netflix effect and remote(ly) shared experiences: How social media enables binge-viewing


Specifically For Us? An Evaluation of Permanent Public Art Installed During the 1970s and 1980s in Lower Manhattan

From Upstarts to Institutions: How W. McNeil Lowry Transformed America’s Nonprofit Theater

Princeton Political Pressures: A Study of Attitude Change in the Undergraduate Population

Touching God and Creating Identity: Mexican and Mexican-American Domestic Altars and Shrines

“God, as we understood Him:” Interpretations of Spirituality in Alcoholics Anonymous

A Women’s Boston: Property, Public Life, and Independence in the Late Nineteenth Century

A Declaration of Dissent: Political Interests, Entrepreneurship Policy, and Innovation in Emerging Markets, 2005-2012

Ex-Human Houseguests: Horror/Televisions’s Domestication, Reproduction, and Resurrection in American Horror Story and The Walking Dead

Crime and Jurisdiction on the Reservation: A Culture of History and Silence

“The Men in the Arena:” The Inspirational Leadership & Reputations of Napoleon Bonaparte, Robert E. Lee, & Winston Churchill

The 1964 World’s Fair: Vision of the Present

Outer Limits Reporting: The Confluence of Literary Genre in Norman Mailer’s, Tom Wolfe’s and Joan Didion’s New Journalism

“Lack of Location is My Location:” The Impossibility of Black Identity in the Text Paintings of Glenn Ligon

Creating the Teenage Dream: the Emergence of Teenage Culture in Postwar America from 1946-1964

Social Dominance and its Effect on Visual Lateralization of Dairy Cattle in a Novel Human Interaction

The Garden and the Grid: A History and Theory of Los Angeles Community Gardens as Cultural Infrastructure

Capital and Conflict: A History of Banks and Public Ownership

How a Noun Became A Verb: Robert Bork’s Nomination to the Supreme Court

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Political Interference and the 1956 Sugar Bowl

“Daring to Breed the Horse with the Cow": The Repaint Shan Shui Series by Zhang Hongtu

From Elsie Dinsmore to Blair Waldorf: American Girls’ Series and Femininity Through the Twenty-First Century


The Effects of Neoliberal Policies on the Urban Poor in Chicago and Detroit

Concerning Intrinsic Value and Biodiversity: An Examination

What’s to Blame? The Causes Behind the Racial Disparity in the Treatment of Mental Illness in American Jails

Hemispheric Diplomacy in an Age of Openness: The WikiLeaks Cable Releases and American Relations with Chile and Argentina

In Search of the Golden Age: An Examination of Monetary Regime Implications in the United States

A Hidden City Emerges: Picturing the Industrial Identity, Civic Topography, and Urban Ethos of Newark, NJ from 1800 to 2009

A Baby Boomer’s Piggy Bank: A Historical Analysis of the Baby Boomer Generation’s Savings Behavior and Asset Allocation

Are you in or are you out: The effect of social interactions on household market participation in a post-crash market

Public Money, Private Stadiums: America’s Love of Professional Athletics and the Increase in Sports Popularity Since the 1940s

The Lunatic Fringe and the Mainstream: Grassroots Support for the Equal Rights Amendment, 1977-1982

Haste Trips on its Own Heels: The Present Day Impact of Mid-20th Century Nuclear Energy Policy

An analysis of three generations of Mexican Americans’ Academic Outcomes

Shopping New Jersey: Reevaluations the Relationship between Town Center and Shopping Mall

Justice at Bargain Prices? Empirically Testing a Theoretical Model of Plea Bargaining Under Resource Constraints

Plea Bargaining in the Bronx: The Indigent Defendant’s Perspective on the Criminal Justice System

The Illusion of Free Will: Preference Inconsistencies and Consumer Manipulation

The Import Scene and its Role in the Formation and Expression of Asian-American Masculinity

John Addington Symonds: Humanism, Love, and Sexual Identity in Victorian Britain

Outside Influence: Newspapers and the Death Penalty Appellate Process – Pennsylvania 1994-2002

American Idols: David Foster Wallace and Literary Influence

Learning the Bond Business: Orphanhood and the Search for Home in The Great Gatsby

Expanding “Affordable Housing:” Making Room for the Workforce in Jersey City, New Jersey

From Antolini to Zooey: The Evolution of Spirituality in the Works of J. D. Salinger

“Death-in-life & Life-in-death”: The Soul Versus Society in Modern Literature


Beyond Quarantine: The changing role of American public health in a post-9/11 world

The Gipper: A look into Ronald Reagan's Use of Symbolic Policies and Its Effect On America in the 1980s

Searching for a New Gender of Leadership: How Role Congruity Affects the Self-Pursuit of Leadership Positions of Princeton Undergraduates

Education Litigation: A Comparative Look at Two School Finance Court Cases

'A song to the Morning': Zora Neale Hurston and the Reclamation of the Black American Folktale

"Malleable Subjects": Localized Judicial Activism and Its Effects on The Legal Status of Aliens and Migrant Laborers

How Living in Urban Places Affect the Psychological Functioning of African Americans

Policing Adolescence: Personal Empowerment Among Youth Who Are Stopped by the Police for Questioning

Dueling with the Court: Changing Dynamics of Congressional Response to Supreme Court Judicial Review Decisions, 1935-2010

Let's Talk About Sex: The Impact of Abstinence-Only Sex Education on American's Youth

From Saigon to the Surge: Politics in Counterinsurgency Decision-Making

Waging the War on Crime with Armies of Compassion: An Evaluation of Prisoner Reentry Policies under President George W. Bush

Why do States Comply?: An Institutionalist View of International Humanitarian Law

Lost Laboratories and Forsaken Structure: How the Supreme Court has Eliminated Republican Liberty by Limiting State Autonomy on Behalf of Individual Rights

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Restoring Sanity in America

The American Public High School: Four-Year College Access for White, Lower Income Students

The Ivory Tower in a Sandbag Bunker: The Human Terrain System, the Military and the Academy

Community Walls: Chicano Grassroots Mural Activists

Emily Dickinson and Classical Mythology

How a Zoo Happened: The History of the Central Park Menagerie

"What is home without a modern picture?": The Whitney Studio and Whitney Studio Club 1914-1928

"Who should I Try to Be?": Performance of the Self on the American Musical Stage from Vaudeville to [title of show]

From Dominance to Dependence: An Analysis of Rare Earths and Resource Dependence


Originalism in Crisis: The Movement Towards Indeterminate Originalism Belief and the Ballot: Voter Confidence in United States Presidential Elections after 2000


They Will Remember the Red Warrior: The Indian Texas Rangers of the Texas Republic

Baby We Were Born to Run: The Influence of Migration and Movement on American Popular Music

Deliver Me From Nowhere: Bruce Springsteen and the Literature of American Alienation

A Media Wasteland: The Effect of Magazine Exposure On Body Dissatisfaction and Self-Esteem

Women on the Home Front: Defining Femininity in Alcott’s Little Women and Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind

Altering Physician and Hospital Payment Methodologies as a Key Component of Healthcare Reform: An Incrementalist Approach to the Next Best Steps

Blinding the Stars: New York in Painting and Photography, 1890-1918 Growing Roots: Cultural Capital, Power Dynamics, and Community Gardening in Trenton, NJ

Moderate Republicans in the Conservative Rise: The Ripon Society, 1962-1982 The Psychology of False Confessions: Towards Better Juror Decision Making

Reputation and Regulation: Bankers, Panic, and the Congressional inquiries of 1907 and 1929-1933

Affirmative Action on the Ballot: The Movement to End Racial Preferences

The gay best friend: How a character on television could change America’s views on homosexuality

A Place at the Table: The Potential for Sustainable Food Equality in the United States Alcoholism and Suburbia: The Development of Selfhood in John Cheever’s Short Fiction

Meaning in the Margins: Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Biblical Pictures


Making Their Time Count: Improving Attendance by Older Youth in Out-of-School-Time Programs

Righting an Environmental Wrong: Social Justice and Sharing the Domestic Burden of Climate Change Policies

Commercial Surrogate Motherhood in America

Rethinking the Classroom Society: Social and Cultural Reproduction, Discipline, and Education in a Trenton Charter School

Looking Back to Lead Us Forward: The Placement of Barack Obama in an Historical Context

Land of Commerce and Freedom: The New Nation and the Barbary Crisis, 1784-1794

Combating Crisis with Control: Understanding Mayor Bloomberg’s Education Reforms in New York City

Is a Penny Saved a Penny Earned? Stadium Finance and Franchise Value

Local Control and the Failure of Integration in New Jersey’s Public Schools, 1947-1967

Cognitive Control of Valenced Memories: Intentional Forgetting and its Clinical Implications

Cowboy Contractors: A Case for National Regulation of Private Military Companies

Education for Citizenship: Strategies to Engage University Faculties

Swimming Up This Mean Stream: An Anthropological Attempt at Solving the “Puerto Rican Problem” Through an Olympic Lens

Where Have They Gone, Jackie Robinson? An Analysis of the Decline of African-American Participation in Major League Baseball

We Deal in Lead: Stylized Gunplay in the American Experience

A Theory of Freedom and Its Impact on Speech

Fundamental Weighting in Industry Specific Stock Market Indexation

Switching It Up: The Presence of Superstitious Behavior Between Conflicting Athlete and Student Identities

Jorge Negrete in Spain: The First Certamen Cinematográfico Hispanoamericano, “Jalisco canta en Sevilla,” and the Discourse on Hispanidad

Cloaked in Tradition: Uncovering the Mask of Domesticity in Hospital Sketches and Beechenbrook

The Role of Selective Force Application in Determining Outcomes in Counterinsurgency: A Case Study of the 4th Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne Division, Iraq 2003-2004

William M. Gouge and the Politics of Hard Money in Jacksonian America

The Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Antidepressants on Consumer Behavior

A Dynamic Analysis of the Battle for NAFTA in the U.S. House of Representatives

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A Comparative Examination of the Treatment of Depression in Children and Adolescents

The Sex Wars: Feminists Fighting Feminists in the Name of Sexual Freedom

A Sort of Cat-and-Dog Affair”: Arthur Krock, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Press-Government Relations in Democratic America


Lessons Learned: Objects and Racial Subjectivity Formation

Non-Nuclear Options: Strengthening Paternal Involvement in Fragile Families

Keeping the Faith: The Role of the Catholic Church in Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children’s Program

Shalom Y’all: A Social History of Jewish Immigration Through Galveston, Texas 1907-1914

Reactions Under the Risk of Recession: An Econometric Analysis of the Investment Responses to Economic and Market Indicators by Varying Investor Types

Adam Comes of Age: The Study of Biography and the Bildungsroman in 20th Century America

Assessing the Transit Village Initiative: A Quantitative Approach to a Qualitative Policy

The Role of the Guatemalan Military in the 1954 Coup

Women in Print: Philadelphia, 1790-1820

Railroad Influence on the Development and Division of the Dakota Territory

Finding Papa: Canvassing America in Search of the Ernest Hemingway Legacy

Kansas City: From Cowtown to Nowtown

An Instructive Gospel: John Dewey and the Reconstruction of Religious Education

The Rise of a National Language: Wilfred H. Whiteley, a Swahili Scholar and Pioneer in the Field of African Studies

Managing the Media: A History of Regulation and Concentration in American Radio and Television

The Transformation of Gothic Literature in America Following the Civil War

Constructing National Service

Let’s Talk Dirty: Modeling the Effects of National Economic and Social Indicators on Negative Campaigning in U.S. Senate Elections, 1992-2002

More Than a Mere Financier: The Statesmanship of Albert Gallatin in the First Administration of Thomas Jefferson

Dispelling the “Madman” Myth: The Logic Behind Nixon’s Aggressive Strategy to End the Vietnam War in 1969

Party Image, Race Consciousness and Stigma: Why Blacks Don’t Vote for Republicans

Sentinel of Liberty: The Cultural Work of Captain America

Just Enough for the City”: A Narrative of the Trenton Aid Experience

More Than “A Few Oblations to Buncombe”: Building Museums and Urban Identity in Antebellum America

Raúl Castro in Charge: Implications for Cuba and for U.S. Policy


Just This Side of the Line”: The Iranian Crisis of 1946

Closing the Gap: Can Internet Communication Challenge the Digital Divide?

Emergency Contraception access in the United States: Politics and Policy

Rebuilding New Orleans: A Study of Two Neighborhood Recovery Efforts in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Creating Yosemite: A turning point in the evolving historical traditions of land laws

When Two Become One: Evidence of Synergy Realization through Acquisitions in the United States Food Retail and Broadcast Industries

Paradise Found? Influences of the Unites States of America on Settler-Aborigine Divisions in Nineteenth Century Liberia

Reliability of College Performance Predictions based on SAT scores and High School Grades: Implications for College Admissions

Shaping the Presidential Image: The Institutional Relationship Between White House and Media

Response paper on American women missionaries

Corporate Art Patronage in America: The Case of JPMorgan Chase

Law, Indecency and Raunch Culture in America: A Case Study of the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Conservationism Versus Capitalism: The Private Development History of Yellowstone National Park, 1872-1916

“What We Now Know”: Why Richard Nixon Lost the 1960 U.S. Presidential Election

The Jeffersonian Influence on the Antislavery Thoughts of Cassius M. Clay

The Suffragist as Reader: Intellectual Biographies of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Millicent Garrett Fawcett

The Distance to Princeton

Policing Dissent: The Role of FBI Counterintelligence in the Decline of the Students for a Democratic Society

Politicizing Morality: The Phenomenon and Failure of National Prohibition in the United States


Interactions Between Art and Medicine: Public Opinion of American Medicine Evaluated Through Art of the Late Nineteenth Century

American Neoconservatism: The New Balance

Seeking Soul: An Independent American Voice represented in the poetry of Anne Bradstreet and Emily Dickinson

“How” – and “Why” – to Read Therapeutically: Oprah’s Book Club Takes on Toni Morrison

Out of the Ghetto, Into the Book: Jewish Immigrants Writing Home

Labor Market Collusion in Major American Professional Team Sports: Effects of Collusive Behavior on Consumer Welfare

Something of Substance: Challenges to the Provision of High Quality Professional Development for Teachers of Math and Science

Balancing the Scales: The Politics of Obesity and the Shape of America

Thunderbolt of the Confederacy: General John Hunt Morgan and the Changing Nature of Lost Cause History

The Philosophical Foundations of the Brooklyn Bridge: Roebling and Hegel

A Pragmatic Guide to Living: William James and the Historical Development of Popular Self-Help Programs

The effectiveness of terrorist methods and tactics in a sociological perspective: A case study of the Irish Republican Army, the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam, and Al Qaeda

Might, Right, and Coherence: Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Theology of Law

Consolidation Bonanza: How U.S. Defense Stocks Outperformed the Market from 1993 to 1998 in Spite of Shrinking Defense Budgets

The Ends of Sorority: Marriage and Female Friendships from Edith Wharton to Jacqueline Susann

Rostker v. Goldberg and the Equal Rights Amendment, the All-Volunteer Force, and the Expanding Role of Women in the Military

Artificial Reproductive Technology’s Role in the Changing Conception of American Parenthood

“To plead our own cause”: The Antebellum Black Press, 1827-1861

Tall, Dark and Handsome: Four Studies of Self-Presentation and Sexuality in Virtual Personal Advertisements

From Iron to Rust: Historical Misrepresentation and American Tradition in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator

For God and Family: Christian Home Schooling in America

Shaping Words: (Re)Creating the Self Through Narrative

Crusaders Against Big Business: Politics Ambition and State Attorneys General Activism

Laureate of Desperation: F. Scott Fitzgerald After the Jazz Age

Presidents, Supreme Court Nominations, and the Bully Pulpit

We Shake Hands: Race Relations and the Omaha Reservation in Nebraska, 1957-1963


Mothers of a Revolution: Gender Politics and Grassroots Leadership in the Civil Rights Movement

An Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Containment Buildings with Unanticipated Construction Openings: Steam Generator Replacement at Duke Power’s Oconee Nuclear Station

Justice in a Time of War: Creating a Fair and Constitutional Judicial Process for Suspected Al-Queda Terrorists

The Wayward American Self: A Crisis of Individuality and Constitutional Interpretation

Retribution, Redemption, and Representations of Womanhood: Public and State Reactions to Female Christian Converts on Death Row

A Creature of Conformity: The Housewife in the Post-War American Literature of Shirley Jackson, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton

Southern Honor: Pride and Loyalty in Rhetoric and Action, 1830-1865

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain: Changing Depictions of Childhood in the 20th Century

“Oh The Starry Flag if the Flag for Me”: Irish Assimilation During the Civil War Through the Irish Brigade

The Westtown School: “Guarded Education” for American Quaker Youth, 1790-1825

The “Atlanta Spirit” and the Major Leagues: Professional Sports and the Transformation of a Southern City

William Milligan Sloane: Torchbearer of the Olympic Movement

A Positive Spin on Negative Political Advertising: Escaping the Current Stimulation/Demobilzation Debate Regarding Voter Turnout

Challenging the “Goddess of Traditional Spelling”: The American Campaign to Sijmplify Orthography at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

The Little Train That Could: The Redevelopment of New York City’s High Line

The Watercolors of John LaFarge’s 1890-1891 South Seas Trip

Competing Images of Joe Valachi in 1960s America

The American Mosque

Yet to be Born: The Moral and Political Conflict between the Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Child

The Political Influence of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: An Empirical Analysis

The Professional Parent: Work-Family Balance in American Law Firms

Turning the Screw on the Ghosts of Bly: “Accursed Inhabitants” or Insane Delusions?

Paradise Remembered: Eden in Twentieth Century American Literature

The Rise of Class Differences in Suburban Expansion: Strawbridge & Clothier’s Marketing Discrepancies Between Philadelphia and Its Suburbs

Lights Out: The Theory of Forward Premia Applied to the California Energy Crisis

The Moorish Science Temple: Dispersed by the Great Migration, Divided by Race, But Distinctly American

Re-Examining National Missile Defense


Globalized Advocacy in U.S. Courts

Rhetoric of Travel and Island Thought

Politicizing the Dharma Bums: Mainstream and Intellectual Receptions of Beat Religiosity

“My dear, I don’t give a damn”: Rogue Socialites and Tribal Discipline in Gone With the Wind and The Age of Innocence

Cultivating the Relationship Between Author and Reader in the Contemporary American Immigrant Autobiography

Obesity: An American Epidemic That’s Working Against a Healthy Body

Low Earth Orbit Constellation Design Using the Earth-Moon L1 Point

America Revised: Democratic Responsibility in the Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Ralph Waldo Ellison

Indigenous Eyes: Visions of Native American Identity

Hearing Without Listening: Analyzing America’s Decreased Attention to Lyrics in Popular Music

National Security and National Sentiment: The Opening of American Immigration Policy Towards India Between 1945 and 1965

Accounting for Intangible Assets: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

From Princeton Alumni to Civil Leaders: The History of Princeton Project 55

Opting-In, Opting-Out: Conflicting Choices and Necessities of American Women

Student Loans: Financing the Future or Destroying It with Debt?

The Radical Moment: The Abolition Harvest of 1862

The Metrosexual: A Challenge to American Conceptions of Masculinity

A Statistical Analysis of 1990s New Yorker Fiction

U.S. Response to the Illicit Trade in Cultural Properties: The Challenges of Cultural Property Policy in America


Is Coke IT? Consumer Culture’s Invasion of Postwar American Fiction

Clash for Control of Education: Chambersburg and African-American Interests in Integration During the 1960s and 1970s

The Humanity of Heroism: The Makings of a Post-War Hero in “Invisible Man,” “The Natural,” and “The Old Man and the Sea”

“Come to the Cabaret, Old Chum:” A Self-Reflective Journey from the Christopher Isherwood to “Cabaret”

Dispossessed in the Promised Land: Homelessness and American Political Values

Mapping Female Possibilities: Edith Wharton’s Movement Out of The House of Mirth into The Age of Innocence

The War of Living”: The Transformative Sorcery of Tim O’Brien’s Postmodern Warrior Prose in His Vietnam Narratives

Making Efficient Change in American Public Education

The Blacker the Berry: Authenticity and African American Politics

Calculation and Compromise: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Internationalism

“Will we choose a new course?”: Robert F. Kennedy and the Presidential Campaign of 1968

Marriage Promotion and Single Mothers: A Match Made in Heaven or Destined for Divorce?

The Invisible Crime: An Analysis of Identity Theft from the Viewpoint of an American Consumer

Awake, Mighty Giant: The Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Response to Global AIDS

Benjamin Franklin: Prisoner of War Diplomacy and the New Nation

Retail Politics Wholesale: John F. Kennedy and the Creation of the Modern Presidential Nominator Campaign

The Whiteface of Blackface Minstrelsy: The Authenticity of Sambo and Zip Coon

Assessing the Role of Race and Gender in the New York City Voucher Experiment

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? The Limits of Government Involvement in Children’s Programming

Modern Presidential Rhetoric and the Cold War Context

Blacks in Blue: Umpires in Black Baseball; 1885-1950

Evolutions of the Experience in Howard Thurman’s Religious Thought

The Federal Writers Project: The Role of the Media in Shaping the History of the New Deal Program for Writers

That Side of Paradise: A Story of Princeton, the University, the town and the African-American community

The Literary Confession as Metafiction in Margaret Atwood’s “The Blind Assassin” and Ian McEwan’s “Atonement”

Paradise Preserved: The History of Private Land Conservation in Jackson Hole, Wyonming, 1920-1980

Striking the Mystic Chords of Memory: Principle, Instinct, and Self-Interest in American Patriotism

Covert Action and the American Constitutional System: Executive and Legislative Control of Special Intelligence Activities

After the Apocalypse: Encounter Magazine as an Anti-Communist and Atlanticist Intellectual Weapon of the Cultural Cold War, 1953-1965

For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People: Tourism and the American Preservationist Ideal in the Founding and Development of Rocky Mountain National Park

Mayors Taking the Lead: An Emerging Trend in Urban School Governance

Therapeutic Prayer? Evaluating the Testability of Prayer’s Efficacy on Health Outcomes

“Poor White Trash: Reading Characters, Recognizing People”

The Poor White Family in the Literature of John Steinbeck, William Faulkner and Erksine Caldwell

The Second Tragedy: Torture and Propaganda in Algeria and Vietnam

Portrayals of Me: The Short Term Effects of Print Advertising in American Women’s Magazines on Women’s Body Image and Self-Esteem

The 1980s Financial Elite and the Culture of Wealth

The Myth of Displacement: Migration in Willa Cather’s A LOST LADY and John Steinbeck’s THE GRAPES OF WRATH

Toward a Natural Aristocracy: An Examination of Class-based Alternatives to Affirmative Action in College Admissions at Selective Public Universities

For Better or Worse: The U.S. Policy of Electoral Assistance in Latin America

Lifestyles of male Feral Horses (Equus caballus): An Analysis of the Costs and Benefits Associated with the Lifestyles of Bachelors and Stallions on Shackleford Banks, North Carolina

Resolving the Feminine “Mystake”: Why Visible Voices of the American Feminist Movement Should Reclaim the Institution of Motherhood

And That’s the Way It Should Be: The Future of the News and its Ability to Serve American Society

Smoke Doctors: Chimney and fireplace Science in Eighteenth-Century Britain and American Colonies

The Changing Role of Work, Education, Sex and Marriage in Women’s Lives as Seen in REDBOOK from 1965 to 1975


Fighting Addiction: Drug Courts and the Role of Effective Aftercare in Successful Drug Treatment

Letters from the South: Literary and Cultural History in Antebellum Travel Fiction

The Incongruity of Yellow: Japanese American Oscillation between Margin and Mainstream

Making a Case for Durham: a History of Durham v. United States (1954)

Blueprint for Righting: Invisible Man as a Novel of Spatial Protest

Creating Consumer Choice: Rationale for an Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation Program for the District of Columbia

Snakes in the Garden: Myth and Anti-Myth in Western American Literature

Smart Surveillance?

The Presence and Principles of the Motion Picture Production Code

Electricity Real-Time Pricing & Deregulation

“Impoverishing Her Soil, Corrupting Her Morals”: Pragmatism and Principle in Tennessee’s Antislavery Movement Before 1835

The Power of Pop: Robert and Ethel Scull, and the Influence of Pop Art Collecting

Barely Remembered: A History of Princeton University Prank Traditions

A Misplaced Minority: African Americans and Special Education in the United States

Time Out: Boston Newspapers & the American Revolution – A Historical Novel

Beyond Town Limits: The Story of Transnational Migration between Mesones and Princeton

The Vicious Cycle: A Regression Analysis of Coded Media Coverage, Aggregate Political Trust, and Civil Efficacy Levels from 1968 to 2000

Rise of a City, Fall of an Empire: The KKK in Atlanta, GA, 1920-1965”

A Vigorous Democracy: Boston’s Fight of School Desegregation

Housed Women: Edith Wharton’s Politics of Domestic Space

Beyond Jackie Robinson: Baseball, Race, and the Abandonment of Urban America

Deciding for Science: Premedical Undergraduates’ Interest in Research

Lifting the Fog: Stephen Crane, Journalism, and The Red Badge of Courage

The History of Loving

What Suits Your Style? Conflict Resolution Styles in Dating Couples and Subsequent Relationship Satisfaction

Toward an Independent Lebanon: Securing a Syrian Military Withdrawal

The Future of Foster Care: Taking the Road Not Taken

“To Make Revolution Irresistible” The Borderlands of Transformative History

Beyond the Thaw: Robert Kennedy and New American Foreign Policy

Upholding an Ideal in an Era of Change: Edward Bok’s Editorials in the Ladies’ Home Journal, 1889-1919

“Gone to Memphis:” Delta Bluesmen and Racial Politics in the Deep South

Harvesting the Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control: Thomas Atkinson, Bishop of North Carolina, and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America


Books Between Boundaries: Contemporary American Women Authors and the Short Story

Venture Philanthropy: Possibilities, Practicalities and Prognosis

The Perks of Being the Teacher’s Pet: How Race, Class, and Student-Teacher Relationships Interact to Make or Break a Girl’s Future

The Hispanic Wage Deficiency in the U.S. Labor Market: The Result of Discrimination or Fair Treatment?

Defending the "Blessings of Liberty": The Supreme Court, Domestic Repression, and the Roots of the Rights Revolution “An Army with Golden Hands:" The Mobilization of an Emergency Relief Corps during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 in New York City

Rethinking the Role of the Business Community in Campaign Finance Reform

The Effect of Indigent Defense Systems on Administration of the Death Penalty: A Case Study of Philadelphia County

Jazz Preservation: A Policy Perspective

Stone Walls and Dark Closets: Space, Nationalism and Sexuality in the American Novel

Defending a Myth: Eisenhower and the Desegregation of Washington, D.C.

Female Magnetism: Fitzgerald’s Hollywood Theme Revisited

The Importance of Being Ernest: Examining the Public and Private Hemingway through Nonfiction

Intraspecific Variation in the Patterns of Reproductive Endocrinology of Wild Yellow Baboons (Papio cynocephalus)

Hidden Beneath the Silence: Evidence of Sexual Abuse and Psychological Trauma of Female Slaves

Realization of Racism: The Black Experience in Vietnam

An Unsupported Existence: Charleston, South Carolina's Old Slave Mart Museum

Another Way to Teach: New Jersey's Alternate Route Teacher Preparation Program

Korea at the Crossroads: The Future of U.S. Policy in Korea

Lifting the Veil: Renovation, Restoration and Conservation from the Renaissance to the Modern Period

The Birth of a World Power: United States Involvement in the Venezuelan Boundary Crisis, 1895

COINTELPRO – New Left and the FBI’s Disruption of the Vietnam War Protest

Long Remembered, Oft Revisioned: Lincoln in Evolving African-American Memory, 1865-1968

Un/Fulfilled: The Arc of Desire in the Works of Henry James and Edith Wharton

Orchestrating Camelot

From Paddy to Yankee: The Claiming of an American Identity by Irish Authors and Politicians in San Francisco

The American Road Trip: A Twentieth Century Icon


No Deal: The Emergence of the Republican Party in Arizona after World War II

Price Earnings Ratios: A Case for Growth Stock Investing

Rituals of Mercy and Public Execution: The Royal Prerogative in Stuart Engand

Singing and Sewing: The role of Music in Shaping the Female Self in Three Novels by Willa Cather

Faulkner’s Women: Constraints of Desire, Conditions of Outrage

“Alterations” Twelve o’Clock: A Collection of Short Stories

Worker Organization in the Late 20th Century: Changes and Implications

The Comprehensive Community Development Corporation: An Instrument Adept at Treating and Preventing American Inner-City Poverty

The Evolution of the Law of Criminal Conspiracy: The Reception of English Legal Custom in Early Cases of Conspiracy in the United States

A Common Fountain: Building a Coalition for Desegregation in Antebellum Boston

Examining the Effects of Audience Specific Targeting on the Internet in Campaign 2000

“Fire in a Crowded Theater” : An Underground History of L.A. in the 1940’s

Are School Choice Vouchers Constitutional?

Sells Like Teen Spirit: The Creation, Representation, and Exploitation of Generation X by the Mass Media

Brown v. Board of Education: A Legal History

A Pioneer of Progress: T.A. Bland and the Construction of an American Ideology

Reinventing the Edges When the Center Cannot Hold: American Frontier Narrative in the Essays of Joan Didion

Father Knows Best: Figuring the Father in American Women’s Confessional Poetry

A Guess at the Riddle: Charles Sanders Peirce on Truth and Community

Broken Language: English and the Immigrant Text

Remembering the Mockingbird: Voiced and Unvoiced in To Kill A Mockingbird

And Justice for All: Reevaluating the Status of Animals in America

Strict Realism: The Tripartite Structure of Reality Developed in Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam Triology

Masked Americans: The Plight of the Nineteenth-Century Female Con-Artist in American Society and Literature

The Dome Village: A Study of a Transitional Housing Community for the Homeless


Oom the Omnipotent: The Tantrik Order in America

America in the Mountains: The Idea of a Sacred Landscape

Judge Ben Lindsey: “The Soul of Youth”

Spokesman for Juvenile Delinquents and “Modern Youth”

The Development of Early Suburbanization in Philadelphia and Boston

Police in Transition: Reconciling the Administrative Structure of the Police in Mexico’s Distrito Federal with Democratization, Bureaucratic Reform, and Decentralization

Realizing Sovereignty: Self-Determination and Managed Care in American Indian Health Care

The Mayors Daley: Like Father, Like Son?

Entitlement to Justice? A Theoretical Examination of Richard Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan

A Misunderstood Misanthrope: A Reevaluation of the Life and Writings of Ambrose Bierce

What’s Love Got to Do With It?: Youth Rebellion, the Sexual Revolution and the Codification of Love in Three Popular Film Versions of Romeo and Juliet

Thy Will Be Done: The Political Saliency of Christian Interest Groups

The Future of Safety Net Hospitals and Uncompensated Care: Reforming the DSH Program

That Strange Something Undreamt: The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

Why They Stayed So Late: Cocktails and Crisis in the Literature of a Lost Generation

“She Misses Some Goals”: The Paradoxical American Woman of the Mid-1950s Magazine

Strategic Desires: Re-Imagining Identity in the Korean American Literary Imagination: Four Essays

Younghill Kang’s East Goes West, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee, and Kim Ronyoungs’s Clay Walls

Controlling Birth Control: The Legal Legacy of Anthony Comstock

Education or Indoctrination?: Religion in Public School Curricula

Mayor Edward G. Rendell and Philadelphia’s Fiscal Recovery

Broadening the Corporate Philanthropy Debate: An Analysis of the Corporation in Civil Society

Western Dime Novel Heroes: Products of Cultural Movements in Late Nineteenth-Century America

Romancing the Past: Sculpting Images of Japan in Contemporary Advertising

Arbiter Mundi: Woodrow Wilson’s Foiled Attempts to Spread American Notions of Democracy and Peace

Where Race and Politics Collide: The Federal Acknowledgement Process and its Effects on Lumbee and Pequot Indians

Suffering Healers: Military Medicine in World War II Chronicled in the Writings of Doctor Henry K. Montgomery

I Just Wanna Be A Cosmic Cowboy: The Austin, Texas Music Scene of the 1970s

“Even Princeton”: Student Activism at Princeton University between 1965 and 1970

Stories, Sites, and Sound Bites: The Changing Faces of the News Media in the 1998 Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

Spike Lee Within the Black Cinematic Tradition

The Envisioned City: Image and Reality in Los Angeles Through the Great Depression

Bending the Airwaves: Radio Broadcasting, Censorship and Illusions of Authenticity in World War II

A Store Refashioned: The Changing Face of the F & R Lazarus Co.

Learning from “The Other”: Lessons for Characters and Readers in Three Works by Mark Twain

Conflicts of Conservation: The Twentieth-Century Development of Alaska’s Natural Resources

“I want to be a part of it”: New York in the 1980s: The Struggle to Maintain Self-Identity

The Battle Over War: The Politics of War Studies in American Anthropology

Conjecture, Justice, and Intrigues: The Committee on Public Information, 1917-1919

Writing the Mind’s Eye: Image and Memory in Four Novels by Don DeLillo

Not What the Doctor Ordered: A Study of Cost Containment and Quality Assurance in the Health Insurance Industry

Tuberculosis: Myth and Medicine in Selected Works by Hawthorne, Poe, and O’Neill

Racing for Meaning: Ovid’s Amores III.2 and its Spectator Spectacle

Norway Through Different Eyes: Deconstructing Tourism in Norway from an American Perspective

Scandalizing Christianity: Blasphemy and Other Offenses Against Religion in the Boston and New York of the Early Republic

Complexities in Clay: History, Tradition, and Tourism in Seagrove Pottery

The Achievement Gap in the Princeton Regional Schools: An Evaluation of Teacher and Parent Perceptions and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) as a Potential Remedy

L.A. Emblematic: Glimpse of Fact in a Landscape of Fiction

The Humor and “The Horror:” Absurdist Representations of War in American Film from the Vietnam Era

Working Toward A Future: Education Equity and Vocational Opportunity in the Urban Schoolwide Career Academy

Sympathy for the Devil: Representations of Violence in Literary Non-Fiction

Always la Raza: The Chicano Struggle for Power in the American Political System

Advertising the Modern Corporation Through the Skyscraper: The Corporate Appropriation of Architecture in the Woolworth and Chrysler Buildings

Trials of Textuality: Implications and Applications of the Human Genome as Text

When Democracy Became Disaster: The Role of the United States in the Russian October Crisis of 1993

Seagrass as an Environmental Indicator: Monitoring a bed in southern Florida

The Power of the Ring: Professional Boxing and American Identity, 1890-1940