Thesis Topics


“Socioeconomic Determinants of Health Outcomes in American Urban Environments”

“Til Death Do Us Part: Re-Imagining the Role of Inheritance and Gifts in American Society”

“New South Renewal: The Uphill Battle for Upward Mobility in Charlotte”

“Curating Queer Utopia in Queer/Trans Asian/Pacific Islander Nightlife”

“Reconfiguring the Double Bind: The Individual and the Collective in Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN”

“Ghost Melodramas and the Staging of American History”

“Disposable Ghosts”

“The Role of Language Transfer: Spanish Speaking Children’s Success in Artificial Language Production”

“Borders, Bridges, and Burdens: Latinas Navigate Our Bodies, Ourselves, 1969-Present”

“It Matters What You Call a Thing: Sovereignty, Material Culture and Palestinians in Exile”

“Decoding Decarceration: Race, Risk, and Reform in New Jersey, 1986-2017”

“Towards a Nation of Neighbors: A Study of Immigrant-Welcoming Initiatives in Kentucky

“The American Blackstone: The Inception, Creation, and Dissemination of a Legal Treatise in the Early Republic”

“DON’T SEE ME WHITE:” A Study of the Constructions of Roma Identity in the United States”

“A Hostile Dependency: Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council”

“Unaccounted: Exploring the Impact of Ethnic Attrition on Estimates of Social and Economic Progress for U.S. Hispanics”

“Cutting Imperial Ties: Resisting Uncle Sam’s Filipino Puppet Ferdinand Marcos”

“Spilling the Tea: An Exploration of Tea Pads in 1930s Harlem”

“In Political News...Partisan Slant and Viewer Polarization in Local and Late-Night Broadcast Television”

“From Revolution to Diaspora: Societal Responses to Venezuelan Migrants in Cúcuta and Boa Vista”

“Towards a Nation of Neighbors: A Study of Immigrant-Welcoming Initiatives in Kentucky”

“Chinese-Irish American Relations and the Rhetoric of the Chinese Question: A Study of Working-Class Activism, Comparative Racial Hierarchy Debasement and Integration, 1850-1902”