Thesis Topics


Protecting the Lawful, Combatting the Lawless: Racialized Police Violence and the 1967 Newark Uprising

TRUSTING TREATMENT? An Examination of Race-Based Medicine in the Context of Healthcare Inequities

Vote Here?: Immigrants to the United States and the Civic Duty to Vote

A Defiant Emergence: The Reappropriation of Hip Hop Music by Queer Artists of Color

Little Screen, Big Influence: An Experimental Analysis of Dramatic and Comedic Fictional Political Television Shows’ Impact on Viewers’ Political Opinions

Princeton’s Hidden Minority: Understanding and Supporting First-Generation and Low-Income Students at Princeton University

Remedying Inconsistencies: An Exploration of the Anti-Suffrage Movement and the Accomplished Female Characters Within It

In the Shadow of the Stars and Stripes: An Experimental Analysis on Manufacturing Support for Puerto Rican Statehood

An Assessment of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative

How to Expand Labor’s Toolbox: Alternative Forms of Organizing in the Modern Economy

A God By Any Other Name: Synthesizing Nondiscrimination and the Substantive Liberty Interpretations of the Free Exercise Clause

“No One Pays Very Much Attention to a Perfect Lady:” The Labors and Legacy of Lady Nancy Astor, MP

Tides of Change: How Sandbars and Shipwrecks Along the Coast of Corolla, North Carolina Reformed the United States Life-Saving Service

A Woman’s Place is in The House (and The Senate): A Critical Analysis of International Electoral Gender Quotas as a Model for the United States

Performing Between the Lines: AfroAsian Encounters Between Japanese American and African American Performers

On the (Un)translatability of the Visual: Migrant Subjectivities in Travel, Expatriate, and Immigrant Graphic Narratives 

The Mouse and the Wizard: A Comparison of Disney and Universal Online Theme Park Fan Communities

The Politics of Medicaid Expansion: A Comparison of the Policy Debates in Arizona and Texas

“A Redeemed City”: The Politics, Plans, and Progress of Washington, D.C.’s Architecture and Urban Planning from 1790-1910

“The Way He Makes Me”: Authority and Negotiations of Womanhood in Contemporary Film

“Operating in a Minefield”: The Role of Street-Level Bureaucrats in New York City School Discipline