Thesis Topics


“More Money, More Problems: The Impact and Implications of Campaign Finance Deregulation in the United States”

“Parties at the Podium: Analyzing Ideological Rhetoric at Presidential Nominating Conventions”

“‘We Would Have Never Found These People’: Black Students’ Right to University Membership and Protest at Rutgers University, 1965-71”

“Too Much of a Good Thing? A Study on the Evolution of Executive Privilege”

“Climate Change in American National Parks: Impacts, Management, Communications, and Public Perception”

“Policy and Populism: How Immigration Proved to Be a Winning Issue in the U.S. and U.K.”

“Opioid Abuse Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Recovery Strategies for Colleges and High Schools”

“Making the Mormon Question Difficult to Answer: Polygamy, Political Potency, and Legal Ambiguity in 19th-century America”

“The Implications of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ for U.S. Foreign Policy”

“Brain Bait: Effects of Neuroscience Evidence on Cognitive Biases in Legal Decision-Making”

“Winslow Homer and Cullercoats”

“Obergefell Families: The Disciplinary Intersection of Marriage and Parenthood”

“‘A Phenomenal Presence That is Unequivocally Black and Beautiful’: Redefining Beauty Through the Art of Kerry James Marshall”

“Protecting Hate Speech: The Failing American Experiment”

“Collecting Alaska: Sheldon Jackson, Louis Shotridge, and the Pursuit of Northwest Coast Artifacts, 1879-1932”

“An Analysis of the Effect of Local Budget Policies on Police Killings”

“Finding Safe Passage: Analyzing Juvenile Asylum Determinations in the United States and the European Union”