Thesis Topics


The U.S. Film Exhibition Industry: A Theoretical Framework and Its Implications

Entropy of Binary Node Labels Given Noisy Edge Observations in Erdős-Rényi Graphs

Safeguarding American Patients: A National Regression Analysis and State-Focused Case Study of Health Insurance Coverage and Medical Bankruptcy

Taking the Aesthetic Stance Toward Mimetic Interactions: The Utility of Beauty in Computer-Driven Technology

One of Our Own: A Comparative Regional Analysis of Queer Latino Candidacy, Support, and Advocacy

 (In)visible Imperialism:  An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Cultural Underpinnings of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East 1973 to Present

Healthy, Supported and Ready to Learn?  A Look at the Relationship between Early Childhood Health, Parenting Quality, and School Readiness

Legislative Diplomacy:  The Impact of Congressional Reform on the Role of Congress in Foreign Policy, 1970-2015

Speaking from the Hollers: An Ethnographic Study of Place and Generational Cultural Change

Confronting Unimaginable Horrors: The Pursuit of Justice and Challenges to Amnesty Policies in Argentina and Chile / Bringing Argentina’s “Dirty War” Into Hemispheric Perspective;

The Declassification of Documents Related to the United States’ Knowledge of Human Rights Violations

Marginally Genre-Savy: A Queer American Essay Assemblage

Can Community Mirroring Reform the Police?  An Experimental Analysis

The Twilight of Power: Harold Macmillan, John F. Kennedy and the Limits of Postwar British Influence on American Foreign Policy

Paths to Polarization:  The Development of Abortion Views in Two Generations of Elite American College Students

Grand Strategy in the Global War on Terrorism:  An Assessment on Post-9/11 Civil-Military Relations in the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

 “REAL BLACK SUPERSTARS” – Jesse Jackson and the Black Preacher in a Post-King World

Exhibiting Difference, Constructing Norms: Gender and the American Sideshow, 1829-1926

Educating the Elite:  Examining the Role of Privilege within the Grandes Écoles and the Ivy League

“Make the World Better”:  The Rhetoric of Reform in the Women’s Journal

Mothers of Brave New Worlds:  In Search of Feminist Utopias Across a Century of Dystopian Fiction

Chasing Georgia

Torture by Another Name?  The Bush Administration, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, and the Problem of Dirty Hands

 “A Victory for Armenia” Memory Laws and Denial of the Armenian Genocide in Europe

Mount Laurel Stories:  Three Racial Liberals on Trial in 1972

“Don’t Boo, Vote”:  An Analysis of Political Participation in Response to Insulting Campaign Rhetoric

Talented Tenth:  Narratives of Success and Notions of Group Uplift Among Black Students at Elite Universities

Beyond the Palm Trees:  Depression and Diplomacy at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics

ECHO CHAMBERS?  Analyzing the Impact of Social Media on Political Polarization in the U.S.

How To Actually Drain The Swamp:  Congressional Redistricting Through Independent Commissions

The Balancing Act of Campus Governance:  Student Protest and Administrative Responses at the University of Wisconsin, 1965-1970

In Earnest Travel:  The Environment and Its Effects on Hemingway

 “Tell Them Everything”:  Three Women Artists and the Northern Irish Conflict

The New Protected Class:  An Analysis of Georgia’s and Mississippi’s Religious Exemption Laws