2021 Thesis Titles

  • “Who Gets to Rock the Vote? An Analysis of the Structural Barriers to Voting for Asian American Collectives Within the State of Georgia”
    Lucy Chuang, Department of Politics
  • “Driving Old Dixie Down: Faulkner as a Lens for Analyzing Monumentality, False Narratives, and Legacy in the South”
    Abby Clark, Department of English
  • “La Casa del Árbol: An Immigrant’s Story of Loss and Forgiveness. An Original Song Cycle”
    Mariana Corichi Gomez, Department of Music
  • “Seen and Unseen: Asian American Actors and Representation in Hollywood”
    Jacy Duan, Department of Sociology
  • “Rare Trips to America” Lindsay Emi, Department of English
  • “‘Latino Vote’: Immigration and Identity Appeals in Political Campaigns”
    Christian Flores, Department of Politics
  • “‘Honor’: Rapping and Representing Asian America”
    Glenna Jane Galarion, Department of Anthropology
  • “Property Technology in the Age of Algorithmic Discrimination”
    Laura Molina, Department of African American Studies
  • “The Embodiment of Asian Masculinities & Femininities in Genre: Generic and Gendered Representation in Film and Television”
    Alyssa Nguyen, Department of English
  • “A New ‘Invisible Man’: The Vietnamese Refugee Question and Black Activism in Cold War America”
    Khanh-Linh Nguyen, Department of History
  • “Voting 101: What Universities Can Learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic about Increasing Student Voter Turnout”
    Emma Parish, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
  • “Unprecedented: How the Events of 2020 Affected the Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election”
    Madeline Pendolino, Department of Politics
  • “Capabilities Justice in Education: A Defense of Inclusion for Students with Cognitive Disabilities”
    Lauren Sanchez, Department of Politics
  • “Boundaries, Redistricting and Identity in North Carolina”
    Ryan Schwieger, Department of Sociology
  • “Caring for Our Nation’s Caregivers: An Analysis of Domestic Worker Wellbeing and Mobilization during the Era of Covid-19 in Miami-Dade County, Florida”
    Gabriella Tummolo, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
  • “Understanding and Evaluating Racial Biases in Image Captioning”
    Dorothy Zhao, Department of Computer Science