Program Admissions


  • AMS 101, "America Then and Now,"  is the prerequisite for entry into the American Studies Program.  The course will be team-taught by Professors Dirk Hartog and Vera Candiani.  It is currently being offered this spring semester 2017. 
  • Seniors who have not yet taken the core course and who are interested in pursuing an American Studies certificate may apply to the Program at any time during the fall term.  Please contact Judith Ferszt for an application form and additional information.
  • Sophomores and juniors who are interested in pursuing an American Studies certificate should plan to take the core course in the spring, and will be able to apply to the program after midterm week in the spring.

The American Studies Program accepts up to 45 students each year.   Students may apply to the American Studies Program after gaining admission to any University department.   Criteria for admission are a strong academic record and particular interest in the interdisciplinary work of the program.   Before applying for admission, students must take the core course, American Studies 101 , preferably during their sophomore year, and achieve a satisfactory standing in the course.   Students generally apply in the spring of their sophomore or junior year.  Students from all departments of the University are encouraged to apply.  Please contact the AMS office, 42 McCosh Hall, or the Program Manager, Judith Ferszt, 258-6771 or email, for additional information.