Electives 2016-2017

African American Studies

201    The Study of African American Cultural Practices
212    African American Humor
230    The Fire This Time -- Reading James Baldwin
327    20th Century Master -- Lorraine Hansberry
341    Art and Modernity in the Black DIaspora
245    Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movements
301    Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society
349    Seeing to Remembering: Representing Slavery Across the Black Atlantic
350    Housing in the Metropolital U.S.
353    African American Literature:  Origins to 1910
359    African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to the Present
362    Race and the American Legal Process: Emancipation to the Voting Rights Act
366    African American History to 1863
367    African American History from Since Emancipation
368    Black Religion and the Harlem Renaissance
384    Prejudice:  Its Causes, Consequences, and Cures
392    Fictions of Black Urban Life
404    Intersectional Activism and Movements for Social Justice


207    The American Family in Law and Society
208    Religion, Ideology, and Media
300A   Ethnography, Evidence and Experience
342    The Anthropology of Law
368    Ethnography of Schools and Schooling
404    Race and Medicine


401    Theories of Housing and Urbanism
482    Environmental Challenges of Urban Sprawl

Art and Archaeology

103    Arts of the Americas: The First 5,000 Years
214    Contemporary Art: 1950-2000
272    Rage Against the Machine: Art and Politics in America
348    Twentieth-Century Photography

Civil and Environmental Engineering

102 A, B    Engineering in the Modern World
262 A, B    Structures and the Urban Environment

Center for Human Values

310    Practical Ethics
332    Ethics and Pathologies of Attachment
411    Free Speech in the Internet Age

Comparative Literature

376    Crafting Freedom: Women and Liberation in the Americas

Computer Science

109    Computers in Our World


211    The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices
215    Introduction to Dance Across Cultures
222    Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance


100    Introduction to Microeconomics
101    Introduction to Macroeconomics
321    Industrial Organization
324    Law and Economics
326    Economics of the Internet:  The Digital Revolution
331    Economics of the Labor Market
332    Economics of Health and Health Care
343    Economic Inequality and the Role of Government
370    Americian Economic History
385    Ethics and Economics


277    Technology and Society


221    Words vs Music: The Song in Modern Times
227    American Identities
308    American Cinema
350    Literature of the American Renaissance, 1820-1860
351    American Literature, 1865-1930
357    Topics in American Literature: Henry James and William Faulkner
362    Modern Poetry
368    American Literature, 1930-Present
369    Contemporary Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction
386    Literature and Environment

Environmental Studies

304    Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy
305    Topics in Environmental Studies - Building American Style: Land-Use Policies and Rules
305    American Land Use and Environmental Policy
306    American Environmental History
310    Environmental Law and Moot Court
327    Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton
330    The Ecocritical Exhibition

Global Health

300    Gender and Illness Experience in the United States Today
395    Media Spectacles, Scandalous Citizens and Democratic Possibilities

Gender and Sexuality Studies

305    Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
395    Media Spectacles, Scandalous Citizens and Democratic Possibilities 


280    Approaches to American History
295    Making America: Technology and History in the United States
306    Latino History
361    The United States Since 1974
371    The Colonization of North America
372    Revolutionary History
373    Democracy and Slavery in the New Nation
374    History of the American West
376    The American Civil War and Reconstruction
380    U.S. Foreign Relations
383    The United States, 1920-1974
383    Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
385    The Role of Law in American Society
388    Unrest and Renewal in Urban America
404    The Rise of the Republican Party
405    Native American History
406    Woodrow Wilson's America
441    Founders: The Early American Republic
465    Latino Urban History
478    The Vietnam Wars
491    History of Ecology and Environmentalism


400    The Media in America -- What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age
447    Politics and the Media -- Covering the 2016 Campaign
448    The Media and Social Issues -- Reporting on Race in America Today

Latino Studies

200    Latinos in American Life and Culture

Lewis Center for the Arts

213    The Lucid and Proud Musicology of Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka


224    Ballads, Blues, and Banjos: Folk Music in America
264    Urban Blues and the Golden Age of Rock


277    Biomedical Ethics
352    Philosophy of Bias


220    American Politics
307    The Just Society
314    American Constitutional Development
315    American Constitutional Interpretation
316    Civil Liberties
318    Law and Society
320    Judicial Politics
327    Mass Media and American Politics
329    Policy Making in America
332    Topics in American Statesmanship - Abraham Lincoln
332    The Successful President
349    Political Economy
387    International Intervention and Use of Force
394    Leaders and the Making of US Foreign Policy
405    The Ethics of Borders and Migration
415    Civil Disobedience, Protest, and Resistance: Ethical and Empirical Perspectives
422    Gender and American Politics
443    The Military Instrument of Foreign Policy
480    Perfectionism and hte Legal Enforcement of Morals


252    Social Psychology
307    Educational Psychology
317    Health Psychology


219    Business Ethics and Modern Religions Thought
256    African American Religious History
310    American Pentecostalism
365    Catholics in America
367    American Jeremiad and Social Criticism
393    Science and Religion in America


101    Introduction to Sociology
204    Social Networks
210    Urban Sociology:  The City and Social Change in the Americas
222    The Sociology of Crime and Punishment
223    Hustles and Hustlers
227    Race and Ethnicity
327    Immigration, Race, and the Black Population of the U.S.
329    Immigrant America
330    Studying Local, Writing Ethnography
334    The Sociology of Social Movements in the United States
336    Sociology of Complex Organizations
345    Money, Work, and Social Life
346    Sociology of the Cubicle: Work, Technology, and Organization
355    Government, Poverty, and Inequality in Modern America
366    Social and Economics Determinants of Health


330    Luminaries of American Musical Theatre

Urban Studies

200    Urbanism and Urban Policy
201    Introduction to Urban Studies
202    Documentary Film and the City

Woodrow Wilson School

306    Environmental Economics
307    Public Economics
318    U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy
327    American Trade Politics and Policy
331    Race and Public Policy
333    Law and Public Policy
334    Media and Public Policy
350    The Environment: Science and Policy
354    Modern Genetics and Public Policy
357    Cybersecurity Law, Technology, and Policy
370    Ethics and Public Policy
393    Health Reform in the U.S.:  The Affordable Care Act's Origins, Impact, and Implementation Challenges
407    The Economics of Health Policy
453    Health and Human Rights