Electives 2014-2015

African American Studies

201      The Study of African American Cultural Practices
210      Introduction to African-American Music
212      African American Humor
223      Literature and Food
235      Race is Socially Constructed:  Now What?
247      Race and U.S. Crime Policy
301      Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society
318      Black Women and Spiritual Narrative
319      Music from the Hispanophone Caribbean
350      Housing in the Metropolitcal U.S.
353      African American Literature:  Origins to 1910
359      African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to the Present
384      Prejudice:  Its Causes, Consequences, and Cures
392      African American Literature and the Law


207      The American Family in Law and Society
208      Religion and Media
368      Ethnography of Schools and Schooling
429      Indigeneity


401      Theories of Housing and Urbanism
449      Making Sense of the City

Art and Archaeology

214       Contemporary Art: 1950 to the Present

Civil and Environmental Engineering

102A,B  Engineering in the Modern World
262A,B  Structures and the Urban Environment

Center for Human Values

321      Ethical and Scientific Issues in Environmental Policy
331      Ethics and Public Health
333      Bioethics: Clinical and Population-Level

Computer Science

109     Computers in Our World


211      The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices
322      Hip Hop Dance Practice and Culture


277      Technology and Society


100      Introduction to Microeconomics
101      Introduction to Macroeconomics
324      Law and Economics
326      Economics of the Internet
331      Economics of the Labor Market
332      Economics of Health and Healthcare
341      Public Finance
348      The Great Recession: Causes and Consequences
370      American Economic History


201      American Literary History
221      Words and Music: The Song in Modern Times
308      American Cinema
309      American Comics
337      The Literary South
351      American Literature, 1865-1930
357      Mapping NYC Modernism: Literature and Art
368      American Literature:  1930-Present
370      Contemporary Fiction
372      Contemporary Drama
403      Literature and War
411      Major Authors:  Faulkner, Ellison, Morrison

Environmental Studies

305      Topics in Environmental Studies - Building American Style:  Land-Use Policies and Rules
306      American Environmental History
310      Environmental Law and Moot Court
382      Environmental Challenges and Urban Solutions

Gender and Sexuality Studies

333      Friendship
334      Performing Politics: From Civility to Spectacle
420      Born in the U.S.A.: Culture and Reproduction in Modern America


280      Approaches to American History
306      Latino History
371      The Colonization of North America
376      The American Civil War and Reconstruction
379      History of American Capitalism
383      The United States, 1920-1974
384      Gender and Sexuality in Modern America
387      African American History:  Reconstruction
388      Cities and Suburbs in American History
393      Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
405      Native American History
456      History of New Orleans:  Invention and Reinvention in an American City
459      The History of Incarceration in the U.S.
470      Abraham Lincoln and America, 1809-1865
482      American Consumer Culture
487      Women in American Higher Education
491      History of Ecology and Environmentalism


440      The Media in America -- What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age
445      Investigative Journalism
448      The Media and Social Issues - Health and Science Journalism
450      Audio Journalism:  Radio Storytelling in the Digital Age

Latino Studies

200      Latinos in American Life and Culture


255      Taiko Drumming Workshop:  Japanese and North American Perspectives


220      American Politics
307      The Just Society
314      American Constitutional Development
315      Constitutional Interpretation
316      Civil Liberties
322      Public Opinion
329      Policy Making in America
332      Topics in American Statesmanship:  Science, Technology, and the American Way
344      Black Politics in the Post-Civil Rights Era
405      The Ethics of Borders and Migration
420      Seminar in Politics:  Presidential Power:  Strategies of Governance
420      Seminar in Politics:  Interest Groups, Social Movements and the Politics of Inequality
421      The Tea Party and the History of Populist Movements in America
422      Gender and American Politics
423      American Political Thought, the Colonial Era to the Civil War


252      Social Psychology
307      Educational Psychology
325      Persuasion and Propaganda


232      Religion and Conservatism in the United States
261      Christian Ethics and Modern Society
313      Pragmatism and Religion: James and Dewey
357      Religion in Colonial America and the New Nation
367      The American Jeremiad and Social Criticism
383      American Scriptures
452      Religion and Power


204      Social Networks
205      Sociology from E-Street: Bruce Springsteen's America
210      Urban Sociology:  The City and Social Change in the Americas
220      Inequality, Mobility, and the American Dream
222      The Sociology of Crime and Punishment
223      Hustles and Hustlers
243      Immigration, Citizenship and Identity
310      Gender and Development in the Americas
329      Immigrant America
345      Money, Work and Social Life
355      Government, Poverty, and Inequality in Modern America
359      Higher Education and Society


304      Christopher Durang:  My Life in Art

Urban Studies

200      Urbanism and Urban Policy
202      Documentary Film and The City

Visual Arts

219     Art for Everyone
339     The New Hollywood

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

306      Environmental Economics
307      Public Economics
318      U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy
331      Race and Public Policy
350      The Environment: Science and Policy
351      Information Technology and Public Policy
354      Modern Genetics and Public Policy
363      Public Leadership and Public Policy in the U.S.
370      Ethics and Public Policy
383      Policy Aspects of Federal and State Budgeting and Fiscal Decision-Making
393      Health Reform in the U.S.
394      Rights and Security in the War on Terror
466      Financial History