Electives 2012-2013

African American Studies

201   Study of African American Cultural Practices
238   American Spectacle:  A Theater Conversation Beyond the Proscenium
319   The African American Prophetic Tradition
322   A History of Race in the United States
351   Law, Social Policy, African American Women
353   African American Lit: Origins to 1910
358   Sexuality and Religion in America
359   African American Literature:  The Harlem Renaissance to the Present
384   Prejudice:  Its Causes, Consequences, and Lures
403   Race and Medicine
407   Race, Social Inequality, and Education
426   Memory, History and the African Diaspora


232   Social Lives, Social Forces
342   The Anthropology of Law


401   Theories of Housing and Urbanism
425   The Ordinary
492   American Urbanism

Art and Archeology

214   Contemporary Art:  1950 to the Present
454   History of Photography
463   American Art and Visual Culture:  Picturing Limits in American Art and Visual Culture  

Civil and Environmental Engineering

102A,B   Engineering in the Modern World
232A,B   Structures and the Urban Environment

Center for Human Values

321   Ethical and Scientific Issues in Environmental Policy
331   Ethics and Public Health
375   Clues, Evidence, Detection:  Law Stories

Computer Science

109   Computers in Our World


211   The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices


100   Introduction to Microeconomics
101   Introduction to Macroeconomics
324   Law and Economics
331   Economics of the Labor Market
332   Economics of Health and Health Care
341   Public Finance
342   Money and Banking
370   American Economic History
384   Economics of Crime and Crime Control


277   Technology and Society


201   American Literary History
220   Crime, Fiction, and Film
308   American Cinema
335   American Literature before 1825
351   American Literature, 1865-1930
357   American Best-Sellers
368   American Literature: 1930-Present
370   Contemporary Fiction
372   Contemporary Drama
382   African American Literature and Culture
386   Literature and Environment
388   The Female Literary Tradition

Environmental Studies

201A   Fundamentals of Environmental Studies: Population, Land Use, Biodiversity, and Energy
304   Disease Ecology,  Economics, and Policy
305   Building American Style: Land-Use Policies and Rules
306   Amerian Environmental History

Gender and Sexuality Studies

201   Introduction to the Study of Gender
315   Sex on Stage
385   LGBT American History
420   Born in the U.S.A.:  Culture and Reproduction in America 


197   Environmental Decision Making


280   Approaches to American History
361   The United States Since 1974
373   Democracy and Slavery in the New Nation
374   History of the American West
377   Gilded Age and Progressive-Era United States, 1877-1920
385   The Role of Law in American Society
387   African American History: Reconstruction
388   Cities and Suburbs in Amerian History
393   Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
399   Technology and Music in American History


400   The Media in America
448   The Media and Social Issues: Reporting Inequality

Latino Studies

200   Latinos in American Life and Culture

Latin American Studies

318   US-Latin American Relations


262   Introduction to the Evolution of Jazz Styles


220   American Politics
307   The Just Society
316   Civil Liberties
320   Judicial Politics
321   American Political Thought
322   Public Opinion
327   Mass Media and American Politics
330   Electing the President: Voter Psychology
332   Topics in American Statesmanship: The Founders in Comparative Context
349   Political Economy
416   Moral Conflicts in Public and Private Life
421   Racial Politics in the U.S.
423   Seminar in American Politics: Latino Politics in the U.S.


252   Social Psychology
307   Educational Psychology


258   Religion in American Society
308   Religion in the Public Square
373   Holy Ordinary:  Religious Dimensions in Contemporary Fiction
380   The American Sermon


101   Introduction to Sociology
204   Social Networks
209   Sociology of Sports
210   Urban Sociology
211   Sociology of Relgion
215   The Social Organization of Secrecy and Deception
222   The Sociology of Crime and Punishment
225   Sex, Sexuality, and Gender
227   Race and Ethnicity
242   Attitudes, Identities, and Social Interaction
345   Money, Work, and Social Life
261   The Production and Consumption of Culture
310   Gender and Development in the Americas


331   Playing Latino
337   Community-Based Performance

Urban Studies

202   Documentary Film and the City

Woodrow Wilson School

201   Introduction to Urban Studies
306   Environmental Economics
307   Public Economics
330   Population, Society and Public Policy
331   Race and Public Policy
334   Media and Public Policy
350   The Environment:  Science and Policy
351   Information Technology and Public Policy
354   Modern Genetics and Public Policy
363   Public Leadership and Public Policy in the U.S.
370   Ethics and Public Policy
383   Policy Aspects of Federal and State Budgeting and Fiscal Decision-Making
384   Secrecy, Accountability and the National Security State
406   Issues in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
408   Finance and Public Policy
466   Financial History