Electives 2011-2012

African American Studies

201    Introduction to the Study of African American Cultural Practices
245    Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movements
310    Music from the Hispanophon Caribbean
349    Liberating Literacy
351    Law, Social Policy and African American Women
353    African American Literature: Origins to 1910
358    Sexuality and Religion in America
359    African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present
360    Ain't I a Woman? Women of Color and the Politics of Feminism
362    Race and the American Legal Process
387    "Run the World": Black Women and Popular Music Culture from Modernity to the
407    Race, Social Inequality, and Education
412    Cultures of the Afro-Diaspora
426    Memory, History and the African Diaspora
207    The American Family in Law and Society
211    Cultural Property and the Arts of Native North America
304    Political Anthropology
350    Desire and Repression:  Economic Anthropology and American Pop Culture 
401    Theories of Housing and Urbanism
Art and Archaeology
214    Contemporary Art:  1950 to the Present
248    History of Photography
344    The First Pop Age:  From Warhol to Koons and Beyond
348    Masters and Movements of the 20th Century Photography
Civil and Environmental Engineering
102A, B    Engineering in the Modern World
262A, B    Structures and the Urban Environment

Center for Human Values
321    Ethical and Scientific Issues in Environmental Policy

Computer Science
109    Computers in Our World

211    The American Dance Experience anAfricanistst Dance Practices
321    (Sp. Topics) Social Conscience in Modern Dance
100    Introduction to Microeconomics
101    Introduction to Macroeconomics
324    Law and Economics
329    Environmental Economics
331    Economics of the Labor Market
342    Money and Banking

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
321    Introduction to Population and Community Ecology
277    Technology and Society
201    American LIterary History
220    Crime, Fiction, and Film
221    Words vs Music:  The Song in Modern Times
308    American Cinema
350    Literature of the American Renaissance, 1820-1860
356    Topics in American Literature: Pound's London, Hemingway's Paris
368    American Literature:  1930-Present
370    Contemporary Fiction
375    Topics in FIlm: All About Hitchcock
386    Literature and Environment
388    The Female Literary Tradition
399    Literature and Culture After 911
402    Forms of Literature: Introduction to U.S. Latina/o Literature
403    Forms of Literature:  Literature and War
404    Forms of Literature: The Art of Comedy
419    Rise of the Graphic Novel
Environmental Studies
201A,B   Fundamentals of Environmental Studies
304         Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy
305         Building American Style:  Land-Use Policies and Rules
306         Topics in Environmental Studies: American Environmental History
310         Environmental Law and Moot Court
Gender and Sexuality Studies
201    Introduction to the Study of Gender
365    Isn't It Romantic?  The Broadway Musical from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Sondheim  
280    Approaches to American History 
361    The United States Since 1974
371    The Colonization of North America
372    Revolutionary America
373    The New Nation
374    History of the American West
376    The American Civil War and Reconstruction
379    History of American Capitalism              
380    The United States and World Affairs
383    The United States, 1920-1974
384    Gender and Sexuality in Modern America 
385    The Role of Law in American Society
387    African American History from Reconstruction to the Present
393    Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
399    In the Groove: Technology and Music in American History, from Edison to the iPod
401    Artifacts, Images, and History:  the American Southwest
405    Native American History to 1838
468    The American Corporation
400    The Media in America
442    Investigative Viewing:  The Art of Television Criticism
445    Investigative Journalism:  National Security Reporting
445    Investigative Journalism: Watchdog Reporting
448    The Media and Social Issues:  Writing About Race
Latino Studies
200    Latinos in American Life and Culture

Latin American Studies

318    Passive Aggressive Diplomacy: US-Latin American Relations
242    Music Since 1945
260    Music in the United States
262    Introduction to the Evolution of Jazz Styles

338    Philosophical Analysis from 1900 to 1950
419    Seminar in Normative Ethics

220    American Politics
304    Conservative Political Thought
311    Political Psychology
314    American Constitutional Development
315    Constitutional Interpretation 
316    Civil Liberties
318    Law and Society
322    Public Opinion
324    Congressional Politics
327    Mass Media and American Politics
332    American Statesmanship
332    Democratic Statesmen:  Life-Stories and Speeches
349    Political Economy
379    Intelligence, National Security and Constitutional Democracy
416    Moral Conflicts in Public and Private Life
420    Seminar in American Political Presidential Power: Strategies of Governance
423    Seminar in American Politics:  Latino Politics in the U.S.
252    Social Psychology
307    Educational Psychology
317    Health Psychology
400    Topics in Social and Personality Psychology:  Social Psychology and Social Change
257    Religion and American Movies 
308    Religion in the Public Square
313    Pragmatism and Religion: James and Dewey
356    Religion and War in America
367    The American Jeremiad and Social Criticism
371    Religious Radicals
373    Holy Ordinary:  Religious Dimensions in Contemporary Fiction   
380    The American Sermon
210    Urban Sociology:  The City and Social Change in the Americas
216    The Ghetto
225    Sex, Sexuality, and Gender
227    Race and Ethnicity
240    Families
345    Money, Work, and Social Life
352    The Sociology of American Political History
357    Sociology of Technology

Urban Studies
201    Introduction to Urban Studies
Woodrow Wilson School 
201    Introduction to Urban Studies
300    Democracy
301    Ethics and Public Policy
307    Economics and Public Policy
309    Media and Public Policy
318    U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy
324    Education Policy
326    Environmental Regulation: Law, Economics and Public Policy
330    Population, Society, and Public Policy
334    Media and Public Policy
340    The History of Financial Crises
351    Information Technology and Public Policy
370    Ethics and Public Policy
383    Policy Aspects of Federal and State Budgeting and Fiscal Decision-Making
384    Secrecy, Accountability and the National Security State
460    The Great Society and Social Policymaking
465    Secrecy, Accountability and the National Security State
482    Special Topics in Public Affairs: Business, Politics, and Public Policy