Electives 2009-2010

African American Studies

201     African American Cultural Practices
310     Music from the Hispanophone Caribbean
314     Model Memoirs:  The Life Stories of International Fashion Models
329     Chinatown, USA
339     Josephine Baker and the Modern
348     Black Popular Music Culture
353     African American Literature: Origins to 1910
359     African American Literature:  Harlem Renaissance
362     Black, Yet American: An Exploration of Law, Policy, and Culture
364     Race, Drugs and Drug Policy in America
368     Black Religion and Black Political Thought
445     The Post Colonial Subject
350     Desire and Repression: Economic Anthropology and American Pop-Culture
304     Cities of the 21st Century
401     Theories of Housing and Urbanism
370     History of American Art to 1900
456     Seminar in Contemporary Art
Civil and Environmental Engineering
102 A/B     Engineering in the Modern World
262 A/B     Structures and the Urban Environment
Comparative Literature
312     Violence and Moving Images:  Politics, Aesthetics, Spectatorship
Computer Science

109 Computers in Our World
211     The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices

100     Introduction to Microeconomics
101     Introduction to Macroeconomics
324     Law and Economics
331     Economics and the Labor Market
341     Public Finance
363     Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions
370     American Economic History
385     Ethics and Economics
429     Issues in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

321     Introduction to Population and Community Ecology
277     Technology and Society

337     The Literary South
347     The Curious Aesthetics of Musical Theatre
351     Contemporary Fiction
356     Contemporary Drama
362     American Literature, 1865-1930
360     American Literature before 1825
363     American Literature: 1930 - Present
365     Topics in American Literature: Henry James and William Faulkner
366     American Colonialisms
369     American Women Writers
411     The Musical Theatre of Stephen Sondheim:  Process to Production
Environmental Studies
202B   Fundamentals of Environmental Studies:  Climate, Air Pollution, Toxics, and Water
304     Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy
310     Environmental Law and Moot Court
340     Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions

280     Approaches to American History
373     The New Nation
377     The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era in the U.S.
383     The United States Since 1920
384     Gender and Sexuality in Modern America
387     African American History from Reconstruction to the Present
398     Technologies and Their Societies:  Historical Perspectives
407     The Politics of Racial Violence in America
411     War and Society in the Modern World
465     Race, Civil War, and Reconstruction
469     The Bush Presidency
471     Slavery in Colonial North America
474     American Economic Crises, 1873-2009
478     The United States and Vietnam Wars
480     The American Military Experience
484     Public History in the United States

400     The Media in America
445     Investigative Journalism
447     Politics and the Media--Media and Society: The Obama Presidency
448     The Media and Social Issues -- Social Issue Filmmaking
452     Journalism on the Screen -- the Digital Journalist
462     News on the Edge:  Inside the Buisiness of Journalism
Latino Studies
200     Latinos in American Life and Culture
Molecular Biology
328     U.S. Medial Research and Researchers:  Preeminence, Problems, Policies


262     Evolution of Jazz Styles
264     Urban Blues and the Golden Age of Rock

220     American Politics
304     Conservative Political Thought
311     Political Psychology
315     Constitutional Interpretation
318     Law and Society
320     Judicial Politics
322     Public Opinion
323     Party Politics
327     Mass Media and American Politics
330     Campaigns and Elections
332     American Statesmanship
379     Intelligence, National Security and the Constitutional Democracy
392     American Foreign Policy
420     Seminar in American Politics--Presidential Power: Strategies of Governance
421     Racial Politics in the U.S.
252     Social Psychology
307     Educational Psychology
329     Psychology of Gender

219     Buisiness Ethics and Modern Religious Thought
257     Religion and American Movies
359     Religion and Immigration to the United States
371     Religious Radicals
372     Race, Religion, and the Harlem Renaissance
373     Studies in Religion--Holy Ordinary: Religious Dimensions in Contemporary Fiction
383     Disorderly Women in American Religious History

101     The Sociological Perspective
205     Sociology from E-Street: Bruce Springsteen's America
221     Inequality:  Class, Race, and Gender
227     Race and Ethnicity
240     Families
347     The Social Life of the Metropolis
345     Money, Work, and Social Life
366     American Musical Theatre History

Urban Studies

201     Introduction to Urban Studies
Women and Gender
400     Contemporary Feminist Theory
Woodrow Wilson School 
301     Ethics and Public Policy
306     Public Leadership and Public Policy
307     Economics and Public Policy
309     Media and Public Policy
315     Bioethics and Public Policy
320     Human Genetics, Reproduction and Public Policy
324     Education Policy
327     Pharmaceutical Research and Health Policy
451     Special Topics in Public Affairs: The Internet and Public Policy
456     Urban Revitalization
468     Special Topics in Public Affairs: The iraq war and It's Aftermath
480     Special Topics in Public Affairs: National Security Policy
487     Special Topics in Public Affairs:     Civil and Political Participation