Electives 2008-2009

African American Studies

209     Introduction to African American Literature
310     Music from the Hispanophone Caribbean
318     Black Women and Spiritual Narrative
375     Social Stigma: Target of Prejudice
392     Topics in African American Literature
395     Race and the Pornological
396     Ethnography of Black Americans in the U.S.
397     Colonialism and the Third World
403     Race and Medicine
405     Bodies and Borders: Sexuality, 'Race' and Representation
407     Race, Social Inequality, and Education
477     The Civil Rights Movement
481     The African American Atlantic: Modernity
211     Cultural Property and Native American Art
342     The Anthropology of Law
304     The Historical Development of Urban Form
401     Theories of Housing and Urbanization

214     Contemporary Art: 1950 to the Present
373     History of African American Art
462     Representing Race in American Art
Civil and Environmental Engineering
262 A/B     Structures and the Urban Environment

211     The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices
321     Special Topics in Dance History, Criticism and Aesthetics:
           Bodies in Cultural Landscapes
341     Public Finance
352     International Trade
363     Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions
370     American Economic History
385     Ethics and Economics
448     Economics and Politics
366     Topics in American Literature: American Bestsellers
Environmental Studies
306     Topics in Environmental Studies: American Environmental History
352     Environmental, Ecological, and Climate Justice 

399       Environmental Decision Making


280     Approaches to American History
373     The New Nation
377     Gilded Age and Progressive Era U.S.
384     Gender and Sexuality in Modern America
385     The Role of Law in American Society
390     African American Women's History
399     Technology and Music in American History
411     War and Society in the Modern World
425     The History of Sport
473     The Spirit of American Capitalism
440     The Literature of Fact
447     Politics and the Media: Linking Science Journalism to Politics and Economics

Molecular Biology

328     U.S. Medical Research and Researchers: Preeminence, Problems, Policies


260     Music in the United States


316     Civil Liberties
318     Law and Society
324     Congressional Politics
327     Mass Media and American Politics
332     Statesmanship: Anglo-American Theory and Practice
333     Latino Politics in the U.S.
342     The Politics of Gender and Sexuality
379     Intelligence, National Security, and the Constitutional Democracy
392     American Foreign Policy
421     Seminar in American Politics: Public Opinion
422     Seminar in American Politics: Religious Liberty in American Constitutional History
423     Seminar in American Politics: Politics of Crime and Punishment
307     Educational Psychology 

313     Pragmatism and Religion: James and Dewey
320     African American Religious History
201     American Society and Politics
222     The Sociology of Crime and Punishment
310     Gender and Development in the Americas
331     Special Topics in Performance History and Theory: The American Theatrical Set-Up
367     Queer Theatre 
Women & Gender    
420     Born in the U.S.A.: Culture and Reproduction in Modern America 
Woodrow Wilson School 

300     Democracy 
301     Ethics and Public Policy
309     Media and  Public Policy
315     Bioethics and Public Policy
317     Race and Public Policy
320     Human Genetics, Reproduction, and Public Policy
456     Special Topics in Public Affairs: Urban Revitalization
471     Special Topics in Public Affairs: Courts and Social Policy
472     Special Topics in Public Affairs: The Economics of the Welfare State