Electives 2007-2008

African American Studies

20l       Introduction to the Study of Afro-American Cultural Practices
209      Introduction to Afro-American Literature
266      History of African-American Music
311      An Introduction to Black Women's Studies
321      Black Power and Its Theology of Liberation
325      African-American Autobiography
334      Educating a New Majority *
340      Shades of Passing
342      Rhythm Nation
345      Celluloid Mammy
347      Introduction to African American Film Studies
350      Environmental Justice
351      Law, Social Policy, and African American Women
352      Black Protest in 20th Century America
357      Hoodwinked and Bamboozled: Racial Masquerade in American Culture
368      Topics in African-American Religion
383      The Black Atlantic World: Black Encounters with Europe, Asia, and the Americas
390      Afro-American Intellectual History
391      Race, Class, and Intelligence in America
392      Topics in African-American Literature
403      Race and Medicine
407      Race, Social Inequality, and Education
409      History of African American Families
427      The Afro-Atlantic Diaspora
477      The Civil Rights Movement
487      The Transatlantic Slave Trade *
207      The American Family in Law and Society
208      Religious Mediascapes: Religion, Media, and Culture
305      Pluralism, Identity, and Culture
330      The Rights of Indigenous Peoples
331      Cosmology and Ceremony Across Native America
361      Magic and "Magic(al) Realism" in American Social and Economic Life
406      Theoretical Orientations in Cultural Anthropology
414      Representing Difference: Documentary Films as Practice
302      Architecture and the Visual Arts
304      The Historical Development of Urban Form
305      Urban Studies: Analysis of Contemporary Urban Form
401      Theories of Housing and Urbanism *
408      Infrastructure and Design: Design, Disaster, and Southern California
492      Topics in the Formal Analysis of the Urban Structure: American Urbanism
Art and Archaeology
211     Major Figures in American Art *
213      Modernist Art: 1900-1950
214     Contemporary Art: 1950 to the present *
242     The Experience of Modernity: A Survey of Modern Architecture
            in the West  
*270    Photography and Society
248      History of Photography *
342    Modern Architecture * 
348    Masters and Movements of 20th-Century Photography*
370    American Art and Nationalism*
371    History of American Art, 1900 to Present
373      History of African American Art
452      Seminar: Modernism: the Ends of Art *
454      Seminar: History of Photography *
456      Seminar: Contemporary Art *
465      Architecture of Princeton University
Center for Human Values
308      Designing Children, Designing Memories, Designing Death
310      Practical Ethics
361      Freedom, Self Control, and Addiction
376      Bioethics: Life and Death Issues
Civil and Environmental Engineering
102A    Engineering in the Modern World
262A/B    Structures and the Urban Environment
263      Rivers and the Regional Environment
Computer Science 
109      Computers in Our World
116      The Computational Universe
211      The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices  
100     Introduction to Microeconomics
101     Introduction to Macroeconomics
301      Macroeconomics
321     Industrial Organization
324     Law and Economics
329     Environmental Economics *
331     Economics of the Labor Market
341     Public Finance
352      International Trade
363      Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions 
370     American Economic History
385     Ethics and Economics
429      Issues in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
448     Economics and Politics
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
321      Introduction to Population and Community Ecology
132      Comparative American Literature *
133      Princeton University Reads
204      Introduction to the American Literary Tradition
336      The South in American Literature and Culture
347      Topics in Drama: The Curious Aesthetics of Musical Theatre
356      Contemporary Drama
360     American Literature before 1825 *
361     Literature of the American Renaissance: 1820 ‑1860 *
362     American Literature: 1865-1930 *
363     American Literature: 1930 - Present 
364     Modern American Poetry
365, 366          Topics in American Literature
369     American Women Writers *
372      Postmodernism and Contemporary Culture *
375      Topics in Comedy and Satire: African American Satire
380      Literature and Environment *
386      Topics in Black Literature: Black Women Artist-Intellectuals
387      Topics in Black Literature: Race and Writing
388      Race, Sex, and the Marriage Plot in American Film Comedies
389      Women Writers of the African Diaspora *
392      Topics in African American Literature: Gender, Sexuality, and the
             African American Novel
411      August Wilson: African American Life in the 20th Century
Environmental Studies
201 A,B           Fundamentals of Environmental Studies: 
                         Population, Land Use, Biodiversity and Energy
202 A, B          Fundamentals of Environmental Studies:
                         Climate, Air Pollution, Toxics, and Water
305                  Topics in Environmental Studies: Environmental Writing
310                  Environmental Law and Moot Court
339      Climate Change: Scientific Basis, Policy Implications
399      Environmental Decision Making
499      Investigating Natural Hazards
280     Approaches to American History *
371     The English Colonies in America
372     Revolutionary America *
373     The New Nation *
374      History of the American West *
376     The American Civil War and Reconstruction *
377     Progressive America: The United States 1877-1920 *
380     The United States and World Affairs
381     The United States South, 1865 to the present *
383     The United States since 1920
384      Gender in America: Colonial, Revolutionary, and Victorian Society*
385     The Role of Law in American Society
386      African-American History to 1863
387      African-American History from Reconstruction to the Present
388     American Cultural History to 1876 *
389     American Cultural History since 1876
393      Science in American History from the Civil War to the Present *
398      Technologies and Their Societies: Historical Perspectives
404      Native Americans in North America: History and Anthropology
406      Borderland Histories: Historical Perspectives of Native Peoples
            Living in the Canada – U.S. Borderland
407      History of the American South to 1865
408      U.S. - Latin American Relations Since 1898
464      The Idea of American Rights: 17th - 19th Centuries
472      The United States in the Age of Jefferson
478      The United States and the Vietnam Wars
498      Creating the Computer: From ENIAC to the Internet
400      The Media in America
440      The Literature of Fact
460      Ethical Issues in Journalism: Journalistic Fraud

Molecular Biology
328      U.S. Medical Research and Researchers: Preeminence, Problems, Policies

242      Music Since 1945
260      Music in the United States
262      Evolution of Jazz Styles *
264      Urban Blues and the Golden Age of Rock *
265      Rock Music, 1970-2001
Near Eastern Studies
238/REL 233/AAS 236      Muslims in America
309      Political Philosophy
384      Philosophy of Law
220      American Politics
221      American Democracy *
304      Conservative Political Thought *
306      Democratic Theory *
307      The Just Society *
314      American Constitutional Development
315      Constitutional Interpretation
316      Civil Liberties
317      Discrimination and the Law
318      Law and Society
320      Judicial Politics
321      American Political Thought 
322      Public Opinion *
323      Party Politics *
324      Congressional Politics
325      The Presidency and Executive Power
326      American Bureaucracy and Public Administration *
327      Bureaucratic Politics
328      The Development of American Political Institutions: Parties, Congress, and Bureaucracy *
330      Campaigns and Elections
331      Urban Politics *
333      Latino Politics in the U.S.
335      Women, Gender and Politics *
336      Race and American Politics *
337      Disaster, Race, and American Politics
340      Presidential Leadership: A Biographical Approach
342      The Politics of Gender and Sexuality
343      African American Poltics
344      The Political Economy of Sports *
379      Intelligence, National Security and the Constitutional Democracy
392      American Foreign Policy
397      National Security
420, 421 Seminar in American Politics
422      Seminar in American Politics: Mass Media and American Politics
423      Seminar in American Politics:  Foundational Ideas in American Politics
440      Seminar in International Relations:  National Security and the Liberal Republic
213      The Psychology of Morality and Politics
252      Social Psychology
242      Jewish Thought and Modern Society
258     Religion in American Society
313      Pragmatism and Religion: James and Dewey
319      Religious Encounters in the Colonial Atlantic World *
320     African‑American Religious History *
321      Black Power and Its Theology of Liberation
347      Religion and the Law
356     Roman Catholicism in America *
357     Religion in Colonial America and the New Nation *
358     Religion in American Culture since 1830 *
359      Religion and Immigration to the United States
360      Women and American Religion *
367      The American Jeremiad and Social Criticism in the U.S.
371      Religious Radicals
375      Religion and Violence in America: From the Puritans to 9/11
377      Race and Religion in America
380      The American Sermon: Homiletics in the Mainstream and on the Margins
101      The Sociological Perspective
20l      American Society and Politics
210      Urban Sociology: The City and Social Change in the Americas
221      Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender *
222      The Sociology of Crime and Punishment *
224      The Sociology of Law
225      Sex, Sexuality and Gender *
227      Race and Ethnicity
240      Family and Kinship *
310      Gender and Development in the Americas *
324      Social Welfare as Social Institution
335      Political Sociology
336      The Sociology of Poverty *
338      The Sociology of Latinos in the U.S. *
342      Organizations: Management, Bureaucracy, and Work
344      Communications, Culture and Society *
345      Money, Work, and Social Life
347      The Social Life of the Metropolis 
360      Education and Society *
361      Culture, Power, and Inequality *
362      Sociology of Religion *
363      Religion in the United States
364      Sociology of Medicine
365      Health, Society, and Politics *
Women & Gender    
201      Introduction to the Study of Gender
302      Topics in the Study of Gender: Religion, Gender, and Sexuality
306      Women and Film *
393      Gender and Science *
400      Contemporary Feminist Theory
Woodrow Wilson School       
300      Democracy
301     Ethics and Public Policy
304      Science, Technology, and Public Policy
305      Geography and Public Affairs *
306      Public Leadership and Public Policy
307      Economics and Public Policy
309      Media and Public Policy
310      The American City
312      The Psychology of Decision Making and Judgment
315      Bioethics and Public Policy
317      Race and Public Policy
320      Human Genetics, Reproduction, and Public Policy
322      The Politics of Policy Making
324      Education Policy
326      Environmental Regulation: Law, Economics and Public Policy *
327      Pharmaceutical Research and Health Policy
452      Special Topics in Public Affairs: Inequality
455      Special Topics in Public Affairs:  U.S. Policy in the Middle Ease Since 1945
468      Special Topics in Public Affairs: The Iraq War and its Aftermath
469      Special Topics in Public Affairs: Health, Housing, Employment
472      Special Topics in Public Affairs:  The Economics of the Welfare State
473      Special Topics in Public Affairs: Federalism and the Making of Corporate Law
476      Special Topics in Public Affairs: U.S Health Policy and Politics
479      Special Topics in Public Affairs: Religion, Cooperation, and Conflict Resolution
481      Special Topics in Public Affairs: Race and Public Policy
482      Special Topics in Public Affairs: War and Civil Liberties in the U.S.
483      Special Topics in Public Affairs:  Bioethics and Public Policy
488      Special Topics in Public Affairs:  Terrorism and the Role of Intelligence
489      Special Topics in Public Affairs: International Protection of Human Rights