Courses below satisfy the American Studies Program requirement for three (3) one‑term electives in the American field, pass‑fail not acceptable. The electives must be from three different departments or programs. None may be in the student's major department.


AAS        201        Study of African American Cultural Practices
               212        African American Humor
               235        Race is Socially Constructed: Now What?
               245        Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movements
               301        Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society
               302        Political Bodies: The Social Anatomy of Power and Difference
               350        Housing in the Metropolitan U.S.
               353        African American Literature: Origins to 1910
               358        Sexuality and Religion in America
               359        African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to the Present
               366        African American History to 1863
               367        African American History Since Emancipation

ANT       208        Religion, Ideology, and Media
              212        Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography
              235        Medical Humanities
              300A      Ethnography, Evidence and Experience
              368        Ethnography of Schools and Schooling

ARC       303         Wall Street and Silicon Valley: Place in the American Economy

              401        Theories of Urbanism and Housing
              492        Environmental Challenges of Urban Sprawl

ART       103         Arts of the Americas: The First 5,000 Years
              214        Contemporary Art: 1950-2000
              272        Rage Against the Machine: Art and Politics in America
              348        Twentieth-Century Photography

CEE        102A,B  Engineering in the Modern World
              262A,B  Structures and the Urban Environment

CHV       310        Practical Ethics

COS        109        Computers in Our World

DAN       211        The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices
              222        Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance
              322        Special Topics in Urban Dance - Improvisational Approaches to Hip-Hop Practices

ECO       100        Introduction to Microeconomics
              101        Introduction to Macroeconomics
              321        Industrial Organization
              324        Law and Economics
              326        Economics of the Internet: The Digital Revolution
              331        Economics of the Labor Market
              332        Economics of Health and Healthcare
              341        Public Finance
              370        American Economic History
              385        Ethics and Economics

EGR        277       Technology and Society

ENG       308        American Cinema
              351        American Literature, 1865-1930
              357        Topics in American Literature: Henry James and William Faulkner
              372        Contemporary Drama
              376        Curious Aesthetics: Twentieth-Century American Musical Theatre
              385        Children's literature
              387        Writing about Family
              391        Experimenting in Dark Times: 19th C. African American Literature and Culture
              394        Ghosts, Zombies and Liminal Creatures in Film, Literature and Photography
              398        The Disabled Body
              414        Major Authors -- Wallace Stevens
              416        Topics in Literature and Ethics -- Minority Literatures and Ethical Reading

ENV       304        Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy
              305        Topics in Environmental Studies: Building American Style: Land-Use Policies and Rules
              306        Topics in Environmental Studies -- Environmental History
              316        Climate Science and Communications
              327        Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton University
              332        Petrofiction

GSS        201        Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
              395        Media Spectacles, Scandalous Citizens and Democratic Possibilities
              420        Born in the U.S.A.: Culture and Reproduction in Modern America

HIS        280         Approaches to American History
              295        Making America: Technology and History in the United States
              361        The United States Since 1974
              373        Democracy and Slavery in the New Nation
              375        U.S. Intellectual History: Development of American Thought
              380        U.S. Foreign Relations
              383        The United States, 1920-1974
              385        The Role of Law in American Society
              388        Unrest and Renewal in Urban America
              393        Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
              394        History of Ecology and Environmentalism
              401        American Women's History
              403        The History of Free Speech
              406        Two Empires: Russia and the U.S. from Franklin to Trump
              407        Commons, Enclosures and Colonization in the Early Modern Atlantic
              456        New Orleans at 300: Invention and Reinvention in an American City
              487        The Age of Democratic Revolutions

HUM      470         Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities -- Witness: History, Memory, and Culture

JRN        400        The Media in America -- What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age
              440        The Literature of Fact -- Paper and Screen, Ink and Electron
              447        Politics and the Media – Writing about Washington and the Economy
              448        The Media and Social Issues – Reporting on Race in America Today

LCA        213        The Lucid and Proud Musicology of Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka

MUS       224        Ballads, Blues, and Banjos: Folk Music in America
              262         Introduction to the Evolution of Jazz Styles
              264         Urban Blues and the Golden Age of Rock

POL        220        American Politics
               315        Constitutional Interpretation
               316        Civil Liberties
               322        Public Opinion
               327        Mass Media and American Politics
               332        Topics in American Statesmanship – Abraham Lincoln
               334        Immigration Politics and Policymaking in the U.S.
               349        Political Economy
               394        Leaders and the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy
               405        The Ethics of Borders and Migration
               415        Civil Disobedience, Protest, and Resistance: Ethical and Empirical Perspectives
               420        Seminar in American Politics -- Politics and Inequality in America
               488        Secession, the Civil War, and the Constitution
               489        U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East Since 1979

PSY         252        Social Psychology
               307        Educational Psychology
               317        Health Psychology
               329        Psychology of Gender

REL        256        African American Religious History
              292        Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Religion
              383        American Scriptures

SOC        101        Introduction to Sociology
               207        Poverty in America
               210        Urban Sociology: The City and Social Change in the Americas
               211        Sociology of Religion
               313        Inequality: Dimensions and Intersections
               329        Immigrant America
               330        Studying Local, Writing Ethnography
               334        The Sociology of Social Movements in the United States
               345        Money, Work, and Social Life
               346        Sociology of the Cubicle: Work, Technology, and Organization

SPA        239        Rap, Graffiti and Urban Culture in the Hispanic World

VIS          325        The Port of New Orleans: Culture and Climate Change   

URB        200        Urbanism and Urban Policy
               202        Documentary Film and the City

WWS      306        Environmental Economics
              307        Public Economics
              318        U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy
              331        Race and Public Policy
              333        Law, Institutions, and Public Policy
              334        Media and Public Policy
              350        The Environment: Science and Policy
              351        Information Technology and Public Policy
              354        Modern Genetics and Public Policy
              370        Ethics and Public Policy