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Planning Across Multiple Years

Interested in pursuing a certificate in American, Asian American, and/or Latino studies? Use the form below to see how certificate requirements may fit with the pursuit of your concentration, interests, and other certificates. This is not a form for registering for courses.

On this page, you will find a tool to help in planning your next two to three years at Princeton (a typical time span to complete a certificate).

Using the Form

  1. Choose an area of study.
  2. Choose whether to view certificate-eligible courses sorted by recent and suggested certificate paths or by home department and program. From the offerings displayed, select three courses. Together with “America Then and Now” and an advanced seminar in American studies, these selections would fulfill the requirements of a certificate in the area of study indicated by their designation (AMS, ASA, and LAO).
  3. (Optional) Enter your name and email address to send yourself your form selections for reference.
  4. (Optional) Email your selections and any questions or comments to our undergraduate administrator, Jordan Dixon, for consultation in planning your certificate path.

Courses from the most recent four semesters and Fall 2020 are included here. Not all courses shown here are available in the current semester. To view and register for current courses, go to the most recently updated AMS, ASA, and LAO listings, and click on course numbers to go to the Registrar’s website.

Additional Notes

Note that no one course can be counted toward more than one certificate. Some courses, particularly those taught by visiting faculty, may run one semester only. Where a course has replaced a similar course with the same designation, the most recent version is included in the department and program lists. With the approval of the associate director, students pursuing certificates in Asian American or Latino studies may count a comparative race and ethnicity course that contains substantial Asian American or Latino studies content, respectively, toward certificates. Several recent and suggested paths here contain such substitutions.