Subcommittee on Latino Studies

Photo of Aisha Beliso-DeJesús
Aisha Beliso-De Jesús
  • Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and American Studies
  • Acting Associate Director, Program in American Studies
Photo of Patrica Fernandez-Kelly
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
  • Professor of Sociology
Photo of Brian Herrera
Brian E. Herrera
  • Associate Professor of Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts
Photo of Monica Huerta
Monica Huerta
  • Assistant Professor of English and American Studies
Photo of Christina León
Christina A. León
  • Assistant Professor of English
Photo of Rosina Lozano
Rosina Lozano
  • Associate Professor of History
Photo of Marta Tienda
Marta Tienda
  • Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies
  • Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School
photo of Ali Valenzuela
Ali Valenzuela
  • Assistant Professor of Politics