Together, Princeton professors ‘humanize the data on policing’

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

Professor of American Studies Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús studies the criminalization and policing of African diaspora religions like Santería. Professor of Anthropology Laurence Ralph has written about police and gang violence in Chicago. Together, they teach “Policing and Militarization Today.”

Beliso-De Jesús told the Princeton Alumni Weekly that she and Ralph thought that a place to “think together” would help scholars doing police research.

Since 2018 the pair have run the Center on Transnational Policing (CTP), a research hub for scholars concerned with race, policing, social justice, and related issues. It offers students the opportunity to collaborate with professors at different universities, and helps find ways academic research can contribute to public policy. “Our philosophy is rooted in a humanizing approach to the social scientific study of policing and law enforcement. We support research and inquiry in the spirit of changing the suffering and social inequality experienced by marginalized people,” says Beliso-De Jesús.