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Photos of Stephen Cho, Katherine Duggan, Samuel Vilchez Santiago
Seniors graduate with American, Asian American, Latino studies certificates
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Photo of Anne Cheng and students. Photo by Renae Hill, Campus Dining
‘Literature, Food’ students cook up delicious encounters
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The Spirit of Princeton Award winners for 2019 are Princeton seniors (from left to right): Nenna Ibe, Hannah Paynter, Moyin Opeyemi, G.J. Sevillano, Marcia Brown, Samuel Vilchez Santiago, Kyle Lang. Not pictured: senior Colin Yost. Photo by Sameer Khan.
AMS, LAO seniors win 2019 Spirit of Princeton Award
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Students in AMS 419, “American Agrarians,” in a class session on maple sugaring pour the sap collected from maple trees into large canisters on a horse-drawn wagon. Photo by Tessa Lowinske Desmond.
‘American Agrarians’ learn through hands-on experience
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Isabel Lockhart (right) chats with guest speaker Kyle Mays. Photo by Sameer A. Khan.
‘Indigenous/Settler’ conference crosses history and geographies
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Members of the Little Tokyo Anti-Eviction Task Force lead a protest against evictions of residents and small businesses. Photo courtesy of Karen Umemoto.
‘Japanese/America’ symposium explores art, literature, place, music
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Cover of "The Asian American Family" zine
‘The Asian American Family’ makes a zine
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Excavation in AMS 352, "Battle Lab: Battle of Princeton" | Still from video by Nick Barberio and Nick Donnoli, Office of Communications
Excavating Princeton and American history in ‘Battle Lab’
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Photo of Leti Volpp. Photo by Sarah Malone
Leti Volpp leads ‘exercise in reading’
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Photo of David L. Eng. Photo by Sarah Malone
David Eng discusses melancholy and dissociation
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Photo of Desmond Jagmohan
Desmond Jagmohan discusses Ida B. Wells, printed speech
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Photos & Videos

Photo of the dish 'Colony Cake.' Photo by Renae Hill, Campus Dining
‘Literature, Food’ students present recipes in cook-off
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Brittney Cooper, Spring 2019 Anschutz Distinguished Fellow, in conversation with the audience after her lecture on April 9, 2019.
Brittney Cooper lectures on ‘The Future of Black Studies (in Theory)’
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Photo of Janelle Wong, professor of Asian American studies at the University of Maryland, lecturing at Princeton on March 28, 2019. Photo by Sarah Malone.
Janelle Wong examines ‘Coalitions and Cleavages in Asian American Politics’
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Rachel Rubinstein in discussion with the audience following her March 13, 2019 lecture in McCormick Hall, Room 101. Photo by Sarah Malone.
Rachel Rubinstein discusses ‘The Yiddish Columbus’
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Photo of Kandice Chuh lecturing on March 7, 2019.
Kandice Chuh lectures on ‘Asian Americanist Critique’
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Photo of Erin Aoyama, Julian Saporiti, and Michelle Bazile
Exploring ‘Japanese/America’ in lectures, discussion, music
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First-year student Cammie Lee presents “Yellow Tells a Story,” second in her “Yellow Series: You See, We See.” Photo by Sarah Malone.
‘The Asian American Family’ zine launches
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Still frame from the video of Josh Lambert's November 27, 2019 lecture
Josh Lambert lectures on ‘Rebooting Jewish Television’
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Photo of Fiona Ngô. Photo by Sarah Malone
Fiona Ngô lectures on ‘Reordering of Race and Disability’
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