AMS Workshops 2003-15

Fall 2015

  • Jennifer Lee

    Professor of Sociology, University of California, Irvine
    “The Asian American Achievement Paradox”
  • Robin Bernstein

    Professor of African and African American Studies and of Studies in Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Harvard University
    “Black Childhood on Trial: The Tragedy of William Freeman”
  • Judith Hamera

    Professor of Dance, Lewis Center for the Arts
    “Figuring Financialization: The Consuming Passions and Wasted Efforts of Michael Jackson”
  • Amy Trubek

    Associate Professor of Nutrition & Food Sciences, University of Vermont
    “Cooking is a Chore, Cooking is a Craft, Cooking is What Other People Do: Investigating Contemporary American Practices and Perceptions”
  • Eiichiro Azuma

    Associate Professor of Asian American History, University of Pennsylvania
    “California and Manchuria in the ‘Global West’: Trans-Pacific Networks of Japanese Immigrant Settler Colonialism”
  • Robyn Muncy

    Professor of History, University of Maryland, College Park
    “The ‘Working Class’ in U.S. Political Culture, 1932-84”

Spring 2015

  • Chi-ming Yang

    Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
    “Lacquer, Ornament, and 18th-century Race Science”
  • Meg Jacobs

    Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School
    “Panic at the Pump: The Energy Crisis and American Politics in the 1970s”
  • Matthew Karp

    Assistant Professor of History
    “Visions of Modernity in the Proslavery Argument”
  • Deirdre Moloney

    Director of Fellowship Advising, Office of the Dean of the College
    “Mixed Status Families and US Immigration Policy from the Early Twentieth Century to the Present”
  • Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

    Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    “Sophia Rising: The Making of ‘Women’s Wisdom’ in American Thought, 1960s-80s”
  • Rosina Lozano

    Assistant Professor of History
    “The Spanish Soundscape of Territorial New Mexico”

Fall 2014

  • Alec Dun

    Assistant Professor of History
    “(Mis)reading the Revolution: ‘St. Domingo’ and the Limits of Equality in Philadelphia, 1789-93”
  • Anne Cheng

    Professor of English and African American Studies
    “Ornament and Law”
  • Sean Wilentz

    Professor of History
    “Antislavery and the Federal Constitution”
  • Jenny Price

    Visiting Professor in the Environment and Humanities of Lewis Center for the Arts and the Princeton Environmental Institute
    “History and Theory in Action!: The Our Malibu Beaches and Play the LA River projects”
  • Dyanna Taylor

    Documentary Filmmaker
    Showing and Discussion of Film: Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightening
  • Barbara Young Welke

    Professor of History and Professor of Law, University of Minnesota
    “The Course of a Life: Preliminary Thoughts on a History of the Curriculum Vitae”
  • Angus Burgin

    Assistant Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University
    “The Post-Industrial Revolution”

Spring 2014

  • Marianne Hirsch

    Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University and Professor in the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and Sexuality
    “School Pictures in Liquid Time: Assimilation, Exclusion, Resistance”
  • Andrea Thome

    Playwright (“Pinkolandia; Undone”) and the Program Director of the Mexico-US Playwright Exchange, Lark Play Development Center
    “Confronting our Parents’ Dictatorship: A New Generation of Chilean Theater-Makers Uncovers the Ongoing Legacy of Political Violence”
  • Sara Dubow

    Associate Professor of History, Williams College
    “‘A Constitutional Right Rendered Utterly Meaningless’: Conscience Clauses and Abortion Politics, 1973-2013”
  • Sarah Stillman

    Staff Writer, The New Yorker
    “Reporting the Under-Reported”
  • Barbara Fried

    Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
    “Facing up to Scarcity”
  • Dorothy Roberts

    Professor of Law and Sociology and Professor of Civil Rights, University of Pennsylvania
    Loving v. Virginia as a Civil Rights Decision”

Fall 2013

  • Martin Gold

    Senior Counsel, Covington and Burling
    “Congress and the Chinese Exclusion Laws: A Legislative History”
  • Jon Butler

    Howard R. Lamar Professor Emeritus of American Studies, History, and Religious Studies, Yale University; Adjunct Research Professor of History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    “God, Gotham, and the Enchantment of Modernity”
  • James Harding

    Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Warwick
    “Reflections on What the 1963 Self Immolation of Thich Quang Duc Means for the Theory and Politics of Avant-Garde Performance”
  • Yael Sternhell

    Assistant Professor of History and American Studies, Tel Aviv University
    “The Politics of Paperwork: The Confederate Archives and the Making of Sectional Reconciliation”
  • Sophie White

    Visiting Research Scholar, Department of History; Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Notre Dame
    “Voices of Slave Resistance in Early America and Beyond”
  • Franklin Odo

    Retired Founding Director of Smithsonian Institution’s Asian Pacific American Center; Senior Advisor to National Park Service; Visiting Lecturer in American Studies
    Discussion of Voices From The Canefields: Folksongs from Japanese Immigrant Workers in Hawai’i
  • Dorothy Roberts

    George A. Weiss University Professor of Law and Sociology, Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights, Professor of Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania
    Loving v. Virginia as a Civil Rights Decision”

Spring 2013

  • Andrew Jewett

    Associate Professor of History and Social Studies, Harvard University
    “The Columbia Naturalists and the Birth of Religious Studies in America”
  • Daniel Rodgers

    Henry Charles Lea Professor of History
    “John Winthrop’s ‘As a City Upon a Hill’: Toward the Biography of a Text”
  • Eric Slauter

    Director, The Karla Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture and Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago
    “Walden’s Carbon Footprint: People, Plants, Animals, and Machines in the Making of an Environmental Classic”
  • Rachel Lee

    Associate Professor of English, UCLA
    (Cancelled) “A Gut Feminist Approach to Margaret Cho’s Exploding Pussies”
  • Nancy Malkiel

    Professor of History
    “Coeducation: Bringing Undergraduate Women to Princeton (and Yale, and . . . )”
  • Peter Coviello

    Professor of English, Bowdoin College
    “How the Mormons Became White: Polygamy, Indigeneity, Sovereignty”
  • Imani Perry

    Professor, Center for African American Studies
    “The Anthem of a People: Lift Every Voice, Citizenship and the Global South”
  • Mary Anne Case

    Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law, University of Chicago
    “Why Evangelical Protestants Are Right When They Say That State Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages Threatens Their Marriages and What the Law Should Do About It”

Fall 2012

  • Lisa Ford

    Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities, University of New South Wales
    “The Legal History of the Pacific?”
  • Ken Kersch

    Associate Professor of Political Science, History, and Law, Boston College
    “Beyond Segregationist Subterfuge: Stories About Federalism in Postwar Conservative Constitutionalism”
  • Ray Arsenault

    John Hope Franklin Professor of Southern History, University of South Florida
    “Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice”
  • Louis Masur

    Professor of American Studies and History, Rutgers University
    “Liberty is a Slow Fruit: Reconsidering the Emancipation Proclamation”
  • Rachel Lee

    Associate Professor of English, UCLA
    (Cancelled) “Exquisite Corpse of Asian America”
  • Daniel Rivers

    Associate Research Scholar, Council of the Humanities
    “From Effeminists to Chairdaddies: A History of Gay Father Groups in the United States, 1975-92”
  • Caley Horan

    Lecturer, Department of History
    “Risk, Governance, and Actuarialism in the Post-WWII United States”

Spring 2012

  • Brad Evans

    Associate Professor of English, Rutgers University
    “Vogue and Ephemera”
  • Gretchen Buggeln

    Professor of Art History and Humanities, Valparaiso University
    “Architecture, Religion, and Community in the New Suburb of Park Forest, Illinois, 1948-1970”
  • Scott Manning Stevens

    Director of the D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Newberry Library
    “Other Homes, Other Fronts: Native America during the Civil War”
  • Jenna Weissman Joselit

    Professor of Judaic Studies and Professor of History, George Washington University
    “The Ultimate To-Do List: the Ten Commandments and the Ordering of America”
  • Ned Blackhawk

    Professor of History and American Studies, Yale University
    “Towards an Indigenous History of the United States”
  • Paul Outka

    Associate Professor of English, University of Kansas
    “Western Landscapes and the Dreamwork of Whiteness: The Virginian in the The Virginian

Fall 2011

  • Judith Weisenfeld

    Professor of Religion
    “Apostles of Race: Religion and Black Racial Identity in the Urban North, 1920-1950”
  • Sarah Luria

    Department of English, College of the Holy Cross
    “Where Property Meets Poetry: Experiments in the Digital Humanities with William Byrd II and Susan Howe’s Histories of the Dividing Line
  • Beryl Satter

    Professor of History, Rutgers University
    “Cops, Gangsters, and Revolutionaries in the 1960s Chicago: What Black Police Can Tell Us About Power”
  • Wendy Warren

    Assistant Professor of History
    “Slavery and Colonization in Early New England”
  • Dylan Penningroth

    Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University
    “Law and the Black Church, 1865-1940”

Spring 2011

  • Rebecca Ryan

    “Nonmarital Childbirth and Child Development in the U.S.: The Relevance of Marriage Propensity and Family Change”
  • Julian Levinson

    “In Defiance of Amnesia: Reading Postwar American Jewish Poetry”
  • Alison Isenberg

    “‘Culture-a-Go-Go’: The Ghirardelli Square Sculpture Controversy and the Liberation of Civic Design in the 1960s”
  • John Demos

    “Tales of Potosi and the Challenge of Narrative History”
  • Noriko Manabe

    “Representing Japan: Japanese Hip-Hop DJs, the Global Stage, and Defining a ‘National’ Style”
  • Kathryn Gin

    “Damned Nation? The Concept of Hell in American Life”
  • Nick Parillo

    “Against the Profit Motive: The Transformation of American Government, 1780-1940”

Fall 2010

  • Denny Chin

    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
    “From Megan’s Law to Bernie Madoff: A Conversation with Judge Denny Chin ’75”
  • Lochlann Jain

    “How Can Cancer Make Sense? Grappling with the Uncertainty of Cancer Production and Treatment in the U.S.”
  • Steven Wilf

    “Intellectual Property and Social Movements in 19th-century America”
  • Deb Paredez

    “‘Queer for Uncle Sam’: Anita’s Diva Citizenship in West Side Story
  • Lisa Diedrich

    “Underlying Conditions: A Prehistory of AIDS, 1960-1980”
  • David Kushner

    “Freaks and Geeks: Writing about Digital Culture”
  • Sarah Rivett

    “The Language of Early America”
  • Britt Rusert

    “Radical Empiricism: Atlantic Race Science and the Literature of Emancipation”

Spring 2010

  • Amu Dru Stanley

    Associate Professor of History, University of Chicago
    “Instead of Waiting for the Thirteenth Amendment: War Power, Slave Marriage, and Inviolate Human Rights”
  • Stephanie McCurry

    University of Pennsylvania
    “Confederate Reckoning: Arming Slaves in the C.S.A.”
  • Felicia Kornbluh

    Director, Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Associate Professor of History, University of Vermont
    “Disability, Anti-Professionalism, and Civil Rights: The National Federation of the Blind and the ‘Right to Organize’ in the 1950s”
  • Jenny Price

    Writer, Los Angeles Urban Ranger
    “Campfire Talk: The Los Angeles Urban Rangers Enact the Megalopolis”
  • JoAnne Mancini

    Department of History, National University of Ireland Maynooth; Visitor, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study
    “Notes on an Iconoclasm: Aesthetic Spoliation and the American Practice of War in the Province of Manila, 1899”
  • Justin Cohen

    Mass Insight Education and Research Institute

    Jon Schnur

    New Leaders for New Schools
    “Education Reform atop the Nation’s Agenda”
  • Ken Mack

    Professor of Law, Harvard University
    “Representing a Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer”
  • William E. Forbath

    Lloyd M. Bentsen Chair in Law and Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin
    “Courting the State: Law in the Making of the Modern American State”

Fall 2009

  • Elizabeth R. Varon

    Professor of History and Associate Director, Center for the Humanities, Temple University
    “From Appomattox to Juneteenth: African American Commemoration of Lee’s Surrender and the End of Slavery”
  • Alexandra Vazquez

    Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies
    “Musical Recourses, Mystical Qualities: Cuba Linda Lifts the Studies Protocol”
  • Rabbi Lance Sussman

    Visiting Professor of Religion and Senior Rabbi, Congregation Keneseth Israel
    “Tolstoy’s Rabbi, American Progressivism and Jewish Agriculture: A First Look at Dr. Joseph Krauskopf and the Founding of the National Farm School”
  • Elizabeth Hillman

    Professor of Law, Hastings College of the Law, University of California

    Lizette Alvarez

    National Correspondent, The New York Times
    “Women at Arms: The Female Shape of the All-Volunteer Force”
  • Neil Young

    Lecturer in History
    “Our Father: School Prayer and the Challenges of Interfaith Politics”
  • Amy Trubek

    Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Vermont
    “Cuisine du Terroir ”(“Regional Cooking), at home and abroad”
  • Jonathan Rieder

    Professor of Sociology, Barnard College, Columbia University
    “Adrift in the Archives: Venturing into the Backstage of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Spring 2009

  • Susan Coutin

    Professor, Department of Criminology, Law, and Society and Department of Anthropology, University of California-Irvine and Director, UCI Center in Law, Society and Culture
    “Citizenship and Membership at Odds? Legal Histories of One-and-a-half Generation Salvadoran Migrants”
  • Jose Emmanuel Raymundo

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for African American Studies
    “Unbreakable Cord: Dogs, Lepers and Other Colonial Animals in the US Occupied Philippines”
  • April Masten

    “‘Man and Money Ready’: Challenge Dancing in Antebellum America”
  • Emily Thompson

    Professor, Department of History
    “‘Two Turntables and a Microphone’: The Curious Proto-History of D.J. Technology”
  • Eduardo Canedo

    Link-Cotsen Fellow, Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts and Lecturer, Department of History
    “George Stigler, Ralph Nader, and the Ideological Origins of American Deregulation, 1962-1973”
  • Christine Desan

    Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
    “Making Money: the Measure of the Market Reconsidered”
  • Jennifer R. Uhlmann

    Department of History, Washington University in St. Louis
    “Reflections on the Historiography of the Civil Rights Movement”

Fall 2008

  • Jackson Lears

    Board of Governors Professor of History, Rutgers University

    Eric Rauchway

    Professor of History, University of California, Davis
    “New Narratives for the Century’s Turn: Rethinking the Gilded Age and Progressive Era”
  • Sam Freedman

    Professor of Journalism, Columbia University
    “The Big Game: Football and Freedom in the Civil Rights South: Focusing on the 1967 Football Season at Grambling and Florida A&M”
  • Leigh Bienen

    Senior Lecturer, Northwestern University School of Law and Director, Chicago Historical Homicide Project
    “The Life and Times of Florence Kelley, Factory Inspector in Chicago, 1890-99: 55,000 Documents and the Challenges of the Digital Age”
  • John Palattella

    Literary Editor, The Nation
    “Book Reviews are Dying, Long Live Book Reviews: Literary Journalism Today”
  • Josh Kun

    Associate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication, Department of American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California
    “The Treasure Hunt of Tradition: Re-visiting the archives of Jewish-American music”
  • Barbara Welke

    Professor of Law and Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota
    “No One Thought Children Might Die: Owning Hazard in the 20th-century U.S. Consumer Economy”

Spring 2008

  • Imani Perry

    Visiting Professor of African American Studies and Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law-Camden
    “Exceptionally Yours: Racial Escape Hatches in Contemporary U.S. Culture”
  • Nell Irvin Painter

    Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita
    “Was Marie White? The Trajectory of a Question in the United States”
  • Jonathan Sarna

    Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University
    “The Mystical World of Colonial American Jews: From Colonial Judaism to American Judaism”
  • Lisbeth Haas

    Visiting Fellow, History and the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies and Associate Professor, History, University of California-Santa Cruz
    “Politically Defeated but with Power: The writing of Luiseño Indian Scholar Pablo Tac, l821-41”
  • Joshua Dubler

    Visiting Instructor of Religion, Haverford College
    “Religious Practice in a Maximum Security Prison”
  • Scott Deveaux

    Associate Professor, McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia
    “‘Fusion’ as an Alternative Narrative for Jazz History”

Fall 2007

  • Dan Tarlock

    Distinguished Professor of Law, Chicago Kent College of Law
    “Anatomy of a Water War in the Klamath Basin: Macho Law, Combat Biology and Dirty Politics ”
  • Bonnie Martin

    The Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, & Abolition, Yale University
    “Poetry and Peril: Mortgaging Slaves in 18th and 19th-century America”
  • Kimberly Smith

    Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in the Environment and Humanities
    “Understanding Environmental Justice ”
  • Catherine Fisk

    Douglas Blount Maggs Professor of Law, Duke University
    “Attribution, Intellectual Property, and Professional Reputation in the 20th Century”
  • Melani McAlister

    Visiting Fellow, Davis Center for Historical Studies and Associate Professor of American Studies and International Affairs, George Washington University

    Marie Griffith

    Professor of Religion and Director, Program in the Study of Women and Gender
    “Religion and Politics in Contemporary America”

Spring 2007

  • Elizabeth Crist

    Assistant Professor of Music
    “‘Of Rage and Remembrance,’ Music, and Memorials: The Work of Mourning in John Corigiano’s Symphony No. 1 (1989)”
  • Alec Dun

    Lecturer in History
    “Elizabeth Drinker’s Haitian Revolution”
  • Michael Kammen

    Newton C. Farr Professor of American History and Culture, Cornell University
    “How the Mall in Washington Became the Nation’s Most Venerated Civic Space”

Fall 2006

  • David Treuer

    Novelist; Associate Professor of Literature, University of Minnesota
    “Culture as Style in Native American Literature”
  • Robert Gordon

    Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and Legal History, Yale Law School
    “The Legal Profession, 1870-2000”
  • Sarah Whiting

    Assistant Professor of Architectural History and Theory
    “Thinking Big: Chicago’s Modern Urbanism”
  • David Ball

    Department of English
    “F. Scott Fitzgerald, Failure, and American Modernism”
  • Chin Jou

    Department of History
    “‘Your Stomach Must Be Disciplined:’ Lulu Hunt Peters and the beginnings of Calorie-Counting in Corporeal Self-Regulation, 1886-1924”
  • Peter Nabokov

    Visiting Professor in the Council of the Humanities, Stewart Fellow in Anthropology; World Arts and Culture and American Indian Studies, UCLA
    “A Life Behind a Myth: The Passages of Edward Proctor Hunt”
  • Rachael Z. DeLue

    Department of Art and Archaeology
    “Diagnosing Pictures and the Science of Seeing in America circa 1900”
  • Thorin Tritter

    Department of History
    “Carving a Different Path: New York City’s Newspaper Industry and their Business Model, 1830-1930”

Spring 2006

  • Joanna Dyl

    Department of History
    “‘The Class War is Raging’: San Francisco After the 1906 Earthquake”
  • Danielle Elliott

    Department of English
    “Middle Passage Sensibilities in the Poetry of Lucille Clifton”
  • Daniel Richter

    Department of History, University of Pennsylvania
    “Two Medieval Civilizations”
  • Kyoko Sato

    Department of Sociology
    “It’s Like Any Other Food: How Genetically Modified Food Has Become Normalized in the United States”
  • Craig Barton Upright

    Department of Sociology
    “The Rural-Urban Connection in Co-operative Food Movements”
  • Belinda Huang

    Department of History
    “Redefining Chineseness in the Trans-Pacific Community: Curriculum and Activities of Chinese-language Schools in San Francisco, 1907-1919”

Fall 2005

  • Laura Stark

    Department of Sociology
    “Changing the Subject: The Science and Ethics of Deception in American Psychology, 1966-1973”
  • Randall Bauer

    Department of Music
    “A Certain State of Surrender: Toward a Jarrettian Landscape of Spontaneity”
  • Jennifer Legath

    Department of Religion
    “For Love or Money: Deaconesses, Consecration, and Cold, Hard Cash”

Spring 2005

  • Traci Schlesinger

    Department of Sociology
    “The Limits of Colorblind Anti-Discrimination Law: An Empirical Assessment of Determinate Sentencing Policies”
  • Drew Levy

    Department of History
    “Recovering the Folklore of the Camera: MoMa’s “The American Snapshot” (1944) in Historical Perspective”
  • Bryan Shelly

    Department of Politics
    “Gold Towns and Shark Pools: The Effect of School Finance Reform on Vermont’s School Boards”
  • Mariah Zeisberg

    Department of Politics
    “Interbranch Conflict and Constitutional Fidelity: A Relational Understanding of Executive War Power”

Fall 2004

  • Laura Clawson

    Department of Sociology
    “Going Hollywood: Participation, Performance, and the Commercialization of Sacred Harp Music”
  • Thorin Tritter

    Department of History and Program in American Studies
    “New York’s Newspaper Buildings: The Fall of Park Row and the Rise of Modern Journalism”
  • Christopher Roy

    Department of Anthropology
    “‘Canadian Indians’: Histories of Abenaki Residence Off the Reserve and South of the Border”
  • Jennifer Greeson

    Department of English
    “Expropriating The Great South: Global Imaginaries of the First Reconstruction”

Spring 2004

  • Linda Gordon

    Stone Visiting Professor of History
    “The Photography of Dorothea Lange and Diane Arbus: Political Culture, Gender Studies”
  • Brooke Blower

    Department of History
    “Politics on Parade: The American Legion Returns to Paris”
  • Nicole Sackley

    Department of History
    “Take-off Dreams: American Social Scientists“

Fall 2003

  • Carol Sanger

    Columbia Law School
    “Compelling Narrative: Judicial By-Pass Hearings and the Misuse of Law”
  • Margaret L. Usdansky

    Department of Sociology and the School of Population Research
    “Defining Harm: Depictions of Single-Parent Families in U.S. Magazines, 1900-98”
  • Tamar Zinguer

    School of Architecture
    “The Toy, Charles and Ray Eames, 1951”
  • Elizabeth Boyle Machlan

    Department of English
    “‘Do We Need All That Space?’: Architecture and Anxiety in Henry James’ “The Jolly Corner” and David Fincher’s Panic Room