AMS Workshop: Ju Yon Kim

Nov 13, 2019, 12:00 pm1:20 pm
Dickinson Hall, Room 210
  • Program in American Studies
  • Asian American Students Association
  • Department of English
  • Lewis Center for the Arts’ Programs in Theater and Music Theater
Event Description
Ju Yon Kim

Ju Yon Kim. Photo courtesy of Ju Yon Kim


“Paper Performance” explores how the state and the stage have managed and responded to racial suspicions through the interplay between paper (documents and texts) and performance (embodied repetitions and presentations, whether in the everyday or in the theater). Insofar as a fraught but necessary relationship to paper has vitally shaped both encounters by Asian immigrants and colonial subjects with the U.S. state and Asian American theatrical production, paper performances span these points as a constitutive force in the political and cultural formation of Asian America.

Ju Yon Kim

Ju Yon Kim's interests include Asian American literature; modern and contemporary theater; and performance studies.

Her publications include “In the Space Made from Separation: Korean American Performances of North Korea in Revision,”Journal of Asian American Studies(October 2017); “Theater/Duty,” Gloss for “Theater/Duty,” Gloss for “TALES,”Imagined Theatres: Writings for a Theoretical Stage, ed. Daniel Sack, April 2017; “The Narrator as Dubious Witness: Adapting ‘And the Soul Shall Dance’ for the Stage,”Theatre Survey57.2 (May 2016), special section on East West Players;The Racial Mundane: Asian American Performance and the Embodied Everyday, (New York University Press, May 2015; winner of the 2016 Lois P. Rudnick Award from the New England American Studies Association); “When Marco Leaves the Building: Intercultural Performances and Other Audiences,”Modernism/modernity19.4 (November 2012); “Across a Different Table: Strange and Familiar Encounters in Asian American Cinema,”Journal of Transnational American Studies4.1 (Summer 2012); “The Difference a Smile Can Make: Interracial Conflict and Cross-Racial Performance inKimchee and Chitlins,”Modern Drama53.4 (Winter 2010); “Trying onThe Yellow Jacket: Performing Chinese Exclusion and Assimilation,”Theatre Journal62.1 (March 2010).

She holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University and a B.A. from Yale University.