The American Studies Collaboratory

When speculation drives critical thinking and intellectual life thrives across boundaries,
we have the opportunity to expand modes of institutionalized learning.

The American Studies Collaboratory, Col(LAB), aims to provide an out-of-the-box, self-reflective research space and collaborative occasions. It seeks to bring curiosity, play, and invention back to our collective intellectual pursuits.

We invite you to join faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, artists, community organizers, and media makers, to engage in critical thinking coupled with innovative collaboration. Col(LAB) provides a framework where scholarship and creativity converge to nurture new connections and discoveries at the edges of our research practices.

Logo: Col(LAB) in three interlocking circles with the text 'Improvization, Knowledge, Inquiry'

Ongoing Projects

  • AMS Collaboratory Series 1: Food Matters

    • Col(LAB) 1.0: Risk and Privilege

      Engagement with the tension and interdependence between risk and privilege in our food systems and food culture at the intersecting levels of production, consumption, sustainability, and human choice/constraint

  • AMS Collaboratory Series 2: Strange Life

Concepts in Development

  • AMS Collaboratory Series 2: Strange Life

    • Col(LAB) 2.1: The Corridor

      An experiment in geopolitics, demilitarization, and environmental queering through craft and architecture.

  • AMS Collaboratory Series 3: New Jersey and Indigeneity